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   Chapter 2230 The Improvement In Strength Of The Demonic Avatar

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The iron tank was engraved with many words.

Austin stepped forward and read them carefully.

Austin was totally immersed in his reading and he was shocked after discovering what the engravings actually meant.

According to his interpretation of the words, the big iron tank was used to record the merits and virtues of soldiers.

Once soldiers came back from battle, after killing each enemy, they would be expected to bring the enemy's heads back and seal them in the iron tank, the iron tank would preserve the heads of the enemies forever. It would be in memory of the soldiers who went to battle and fought for their homeland and as a mean to measure their merit and valor!

In addition the words on the iron tank indicated that they also had a record of many other brilliant and specific achievements of the soldiers in battle.

For example, it recorded how many enemies were killed, how many heads were chopped off and an account of individual soldiers or generals who made the most outstanding contribution in the battle and got decorated the most.

The most astonishing thing for Austin was that the so-called soldiers that were being mentioned and praised were from the Immortal End World!

That was because one specific sentence caught Austin's attention. It said, "This was a great battle. We killed countless enemies and successfully defended our territory from another attack from the demons of the Evil Abyss World. The success was gratifying. Long live the Immortal End World!

May the Immortal End World be impenetrable and as solid as gold forever!"

The words shocked Austin greatly.

Could it be that this palace used to be a stronghold where the beings of the Immortal End World lived and fought against the demon race from another world?

Austin was both surprised and pleased.

"Could it be possible that all the heads of demons from the other world are in the iron tank?"

Austin murmured.

Austin walked around it for a while and then stood up from the ground and flew towards the opening of the iron tank.

However, the minute he got close to the tank, a terrible evil spirit came out of the opening of the iron tank. It made Austin feel a pang of pain, as if he was being cut by a knife.

Determined, Austin endured the sharp pain and climbed above the mountain-like big tank so that he could look inside. He was shocked!

The whole tank was full of blood, and it was black and had runes in it. The scene was astonishing.

"Oh my God!"


, after so many years, Austin had accidentally come across the great opportunity to improve his strength.

Therefore, Austin was very grateful to the previous cultivators for his unexpected fortunes.

In order to resist the invasion of evil creatures, the cultivators had spilled blood on the battlefield and made an outstanding feat. They had made great contributions and sacrifices to the Immortal End World!

They would always be worthy of admiration!

Then Austin moved on so that he wasn't too distracted by his gains.

There seemed to be a vast space ahead of the iron tank before it reached the end of the palace.

"This looks like an altar?"

After walking for a long time and covering quite some distance, Austin suddenly found that there was an altar in front of him, which looked very old and gloomy, with many ancient patterns engraved on it.

The textures had complicated drawings and was covered with blade marks and sword holes. Obviously, a battle had occurred at the altar.

Driven by curiosity, Austin climbed the long winding huge stone steps and came to the black altar which was much taller than a mountain.

On the top of the huge black altar, there was a sunken pool, in which there were five colored types of liquid, glittering and shining like jade.

"Is this also... Can it be blood again?"

Austin was stunned and recognized that it was blood. Was it a sacrificial ritual?

The blood looked strange. As he watched it, he could feel a strong power, which carried a strong killing intent!

"All the things in this place have a murderous aura as if they were brought back from the battlefield,"

Austin murmured.

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