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   Chapter 2228 The Space Teleportation Channel Explode

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At the moment, the space teleportation channel had a series of violent and frightening explosions.

The channel was very unstable because it was just temporarily created by the huge evil hand.

Violent energy raged all over the channel. The fragments of space and time kept flying all over the place like a devastating hurricane.

Austin was wrapped in a dark light mass of energy and was flying rapidly through the space teleportation channel, where an explosion was going on.

The space and time was unstable in this temporary channel.

Austin did not know how long he had been flying in the space teleportation channel.

At first, it felt just like a moment.

Then the next second, he felt as if he had passed through hundreds or thousands of years.

"Damn it! This channel is very dangerous!

There is a very narrow chance for me to escape!"

Since Austin had cultivated the spatial power, he was able to sense that the space teleportation channel was in a very bad condition.

Austin was not worried by some of the explosions. His main concern was about the space teleportation channel being completely destroyed.

"Holy crap!"

Austin exclaimed.

'What kind of bad luck is this?' he thought.

Austin was startled when the space ahead suddenly exploded.

The violent energy hurricane was like a tsunami that instantly flooded the area and submerged the dark energy light ball where Austin stood.

Then, it didn't stop there.

The terrible energy hurricane then became like thousands of sharp swords that constantly tore and scratched the energy light ball that wrapped Austin.

A special kind of arcane spell had been earlier used by the giant black hand to condense the dark energy light ball.

At first, it seemed to be very stable and indestructible.

But it now seemed unable to hang on.

The endless fearsome energy caused the dark energy ball to tremble violently with cracking sounds.

Austin could not believe what he had seen.

At first, he hated the dark energy ball that was controlling his body, but now he was praying fervently that it could hang on.

A moment later.


The dark energy light ball that was surrounding Austin suddenly exploded.

Austin's body was now exposed to the air.

Then he felt that his body restored its freedom.

But Austin was facing another crisis. The energy from the explosion wa

he space teleportation channel had started to disintegrate!

There were many cracks from the distance, and they started to creep towards Austin.


Austin gritted his teeth.

He used the spatial power and dashed a few steps sideways. Then he found a space node nearby. He immediately broke the space and rushed through it.

Austin finally left the crumbling space teleportation channel.

The space teleportation channel was like a pipe.

He was able to leave the channel when he made a hole in the pipe wall and ran out through it.

After he left the space teleportation channel, his vision was filled with the chaotic void, which was a boundless space, so he did not know which direction he should go.


Austin heard a series of powerful explosions from the space teleportation channel.

He knew that the space teleportation channel had been completely disintegrated.

"Damn it! Now, I'm in big trouble!

How will I find the right direction without the space teleportation channel?"

Austin was in dilemma, and his head started to ache.

The space and time in the chaotic void were disordered. They were continuously moving and changing.

Since Austin didn't know the accurate location of the space, it would be impossible for him to find the way back to the Immortal End World.

Luckily, Austin cultivated the spatial power, so he didn't have any problem walking in the void.

Any cultivator who didn't learn the spatial power and got into the void

would probably be shattered into pieces by the spatial power or the turbulence of space.

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