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   Chapter 2227 A Slim Chance of Austin’s Survival

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7747

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The black giant hand exploded and turned into ashes.

There was no chance it could run away from a broken immortal.

As a last resort, it detonated itself with its remaining energy to create a spatial passage so it could transfer Austin to the Evil Abyss World.

Kevin knew what was happening.

He could see that Austin was covered in a dark light and was moving towards the  other end of the space passage at an amazing speed.

Kevin stretched his right hand until it grew bigger and was soon surrounded by a white smoke. He then extended the huge hand and reached into the space passage hoping to get Austin back.

The space channel vibrated and seemed to be very unstable, as there were explosions happening inside.

The explosions created powerful space fragments that turned into massive meteorites. It continued to multiply and scatter in every direction.

Even a great master of the Immortal Transforming Realm would be in great danger if he risked staying in the unstable passage for a long time.

Kevin continued to search for Austin as his right hand moved quickly inside the passage

He panicked and released the divine aura to destroy the obstacles blocking his way.


Do you really care about this young man?

What a pity!

You will not see him anymore."

Out of nowhere, a weak, small voice was heard.

A faint shadow appeared in front of Kevin. It was the black giant hand. It appeared by using its last ounce of energy, but once its energy had run out, it would vanish.

As soon as it finished talking, the shadow of the black hand exploded, releasing the black energy.


A strong force propelled the dark light that was wrapped around Austin and it did not stop until it reached the depths of the space passage.

With a loud roar, Kevin's right hand quickened its speed and tried to catch Austin before he disappeared. Infinite divine power exploded as it chased the dark light.

A moment later, Kevin took a deep breath and withdrew his right hand.

He knew there was nothing more he could do to get Austin back.

Soon, the entrance of the passage closed.

It vanished into thin air and the atmosphere became calm and quiet.

The universe was strange and its power was beyond anyone's comprehension. It had majestic power that enabled it to h

hat day, and they could not help but feel ashamed of themselves. Kevin was right; they were cowards.

Unable to endure the silence, someone spoke up.

"Actually, we compromised today because we only wanted to protect the countless creatures in this world," the great masters who agreed to hand Austin over to the evil hand grumbled among themselves.

They still did not agree that they did anything wrong.

Mr. Fang still felt dejected because he could not rescue Austin. Upon hearing what they said, he became furious and did not hold back with his words.

"Humph! A bunch of cowards!" he shouted at the great masters.

"And you, old man, I will remember what you did today. Someday, I will avenge Austin and you will pay for what you did!"

Mr. Fang admonished as he glared at Elder Saul of the Unworldly Sect.

It was Elder Saul who had given Austin to the giant evil hand.

As soon as he finished his words, Mr. Fang disappeared in the sky leaving behind him a gloomy white mist.

Elder Saul's face turned dark, but he did not dare answer back.

He witnessed how Mr. Fang fought with the black giant hand, and he knew that Mr. Fang was far stronger than him.


Anderson and Sandro gave Elder Saul an angry stare and disappeared in the sky.

The other great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm used their bodily movement skills and returned to their respective places.

Soon after everyone had departed, the Fallen Continent became deserted. All that was left was a feeling of grief and despair.

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