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   Chapter 2222 The Blade Light

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To Austin's disappointment, the Fire Stela in his elixir field did not even respond after he tried to communicate with it.

'Looks like the Fire Stela will not protect me unless my life is in the brink of an actual danger.

I may be immobile and trapped in this situation, but I am safe at the moment. I doubt it will heed my call,"

Austin realized to himself.

'Hmm. What should I do?'

As Elder Saul was about to hand Austin over to the giant black hand, a streak of radiance suddenly appeared.

Whoosh! A tremendous energy came towards him!

Taken aback, Elder Saul took a few steps backward to avoid being hit.

"Sandro Xiao, what the hell are you doing?" he roared furiously.

A pot-bellied elder then showed up and stood next to Austin.

It turned out to be the dean of the Blue Dragon School!

"Austin is a student of the Blue Dragon School; therefore, no one can hand him over to anyone or anything without my permission!"

Sandro declared.

"Sandro, this decision is consensual. It is what all the Immortal Transforming Realm members in the Immortal End World want. Are you trying to go against the will of the majority?"

Elder Saul of the Unworldly Sect was shocked and angry.

"Sandro, calm down. Do not do anything stupid."

"Come on, Sandro. You have to think of the welfare of all the living creatures in our continent."

The other great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm consistently persuaded Sandro to surrender Austin to the giant black hand.

Some even started a bid on who could stop Sandro first.

The people wanted to hand over Austin to the hand. As a matter of fact, most of the great masters of the Immortal Transforming Realm agreed to turn him in.

Austin knew that Sandro would not be able to change the mind of the other great masters.

"Please do not worry about me, Dean. I will be okay.

But could you please do me a favor?" Austin said to Sandro.

Under Austin's control, the Slave Tower flew forward and landed on Sandro's hand.

"There are several people in this tower. Please help me take care of them,"

Austin said.

"Enough! Stop wasting my time!"

the giant black hand in the sky suddenly bellowed impatiently.

The hand opened immediately and tried to seize Austin.

"Stay away from him!" Sandro shouted in rage.

He clenched his fist and threw a punch at the hand

whole country.

A powerful dazzling blade light suddenly appeared in the sky above the Divine Continent.

The blade light was over ten times larger than the mountain ranges in the continent. It headed towards the black giant hand with a crumbling loud sound.

Whoosh! The speed of the blade light was supersonic! In an instant, it appeared behind the black giant hand, and gave off a bright candid light that illuminated the whole sky!

"Humph, you are clearly overestimating yourself!"

the giant black hand snorted.

In a second, it opened its big and unyielding fingers and tried to seize the blade light.

The hand released a surging and powerful evil energy, while the blade light lit up the sky and the whole earth.

It clasped the blade light with its colossal fingers. Slowly, its grip began to tighten as it tried to crush the blade light!


Space fragments popped up from the impact and immediately disappeared from the air.

After two seconds, the blade light vanished!

The black giant hand trembled instantly. It was obvious that it had used a lot of energy.

The hand had no intention of continuing to fight any longer.

It sped up and dragged Austin forward, trying to leave the Divine Continent as soon as possible.

It sensed that the one that unleashed the blade light was a formidable opponent.

"Ha-ha-ha! Unfortunately for you, there is no escape!"

a figure roared and ran after the hand.

The man flew across the sky and chased after the giant black hand. He was so fast that no one could follow or see his movement.

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