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   Chapter 2217 The Invasion Of The Giant Hand

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7306

Updated: 2020-02-20 15:00

The huge altar made of white bones was filled with mist. It looked very somber and joyless.

On the altar were countless colorful array flags that flapped in the wind.

Some runes flickered about, their appearance slightly indistinguishable. It seemed like they could connect through hell.

In the corners, there were eight vague figures that could be seen. They carefully examined every inch of the altar to see if there was any blemish or faults.

"Well, let's start."

A voice broke out. The tone was very serious.

As soon as this person commanded so, all figures flew away from the altar. They were all airborne from a distance, and they all started to chant some strange spells.


All of a sudden, the altar brightened, and a beam of black light soared high up into the sky, which frightened every creature.

From the mouths of the eight figures, spells flew visibly and merged into the white altar.

Black evil wind kept blowing madly within this dark area. The life vitality of the space was all drained!

"The tribute of blood begins now!"

after half an hour, a deep voice bellowed from one of the figures.

As soon as they heard the signal, the eight people around the altar took out their own space magic treasures and threw them onto the white bone altar.


A few moments after, numerous living creatures poured out of the space magic treasures one by one and fell on the altar.

From the white bone altar, thousands of sharp white beams of light shone through. They all turned into sharp knives and effectively killed the creatures that poured out.

Those living creatures all howled in pain as they struggled to free themselves, but to no avail.

With the sharp white beam that slashed right through them, no one could escape the fate of death!

Akin to purgatory, this was a catastrophe for the creatures.

As the creatures were all killed one by one, the flesh and blood of their bodies turned into a glaring blood rain as it gushed out red light and quickly integrated into the altar, being absorbed by the white bones.

As the blood ran in, it stained all his bones red.


The white bone altar absorbed more

y became the night.

The whole Fallen Continent shook.

The humongous hand still caused more chaos as it rushed out of the Fallen Continent and began to break in other parts of the Immortal End World.

The Tune Continent was one of the eight heavens of the Immortal End World.

The entirety of this continent was covered by a vast area with abundant spiritual energy and a great many creatures. It was a very prosperous world.

Suddenly, without even a warning, great changes happened.


The whole Tune Continent trembled violently.

A giant and dark hand suddenly appeared in the sky above.

The hand had a range that covered millions of miles as it traveled across the sky.

The endless evil spirit transformed into a turbulent black hurricane and it flooded the world with anger.

With a terrifying speed, the huge hand moved forward. It rumbled and spread through large mountains and rivers.

Seeing the hand from above, all the creatures on the Tune Continent were frightened, as if it was the end of the world. They all trembled with fear as they all felt the terrifying aura from the enormous hand.

All the living creatures on the vast Tune Continent, no matter how remote and unnoticeable they were, felt that something abhorrent and evil was about to happen.

The creatures could infer that the pitch-black hand that covered the sky was powerful, horrendous, and definitely a formidable force to be reckoned with!

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