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   Chapter 2212 To The Rose Finch School (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5681

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If you refuse my advice, then I'll beat every single one of you each time I see you!" said a young man in a cyan robe among the disciples of the Universe Sect

He seemed to be the leader of those Universe Sect bastards.

"That's a chance for you. You'd better crawl over in line and pass under his ball one by one!"

"Hurry up! We don't have too much time nor patience!"

The other members of the Universe Sect burst into a fit of ironic laughter.

These young men were vulgar and overbearing. They were evidently bullying and humiliating the disciples from the East Mainland.

"You've gone too far! Don't push us!"

A thin young man in red among the disciples from the East Mainland stood out. He looked extremely furious for being humiliated.

Austin recognized him as the young martial genius from the fire crow race in the East Mainland.

When the major four schools recruited new disciples in the East Mainland, the chief of the fire crow race sent several of their talented young men to participate in the selection. Apparently, some of them had successfully entered the four schools.

"That's brave of you! You are from the fire crow race, aren't you? It is known that the flesh of your people contains some original fire essence.

Well, isn't it some luck? I have just been practicing a formula of fire nature too!

I wonder whether I can absorb the fire essence in you after I roast and swallow you like a barbecue," sneered the man in cyan from the Universe Sect.

He looked at the young man from the fire crow race in an extremely arrogant manner.

"Go to hell!"

The young man from the fire crow race was infuriated and could not stand the outright humiliation

d you be bold enough to have such an idea in your mind? Why don't you go back and look at a mirror first?" mocked Peacock Princess coldly.

She seemed calmer than Caroline––although she was seething in extreme anger too.

"How dare you, bitch!"

The face of the man in cyan from the Universe Sect darkened with anger after receiving such an insult from the two young ladies.

"Well, if this is the case, I will show you two bitches no mercy now. You both will be treated like any of these men.

Crawl under my balls, you bitches!"

He looked coldly at the two girls as he spat those words while walking towards them.

All the disciples around looked surprised and shocked.

'Did that man really meant what he said? He want two girls to crawl under his ball? What an insult!' some of the spectators thought.

That would go too far if he really meant it!

Even with that, the bystanders couldn't do anything to help the girls and the other disciples from the East Mainland, afraid that they would be dragged in trouble.

After all, the Universe Sect guys were known in every school to be arrogant and aggressive.

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