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   Chapter 2210 The Buddhist Scripture Is Also A Magic Treasure (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6217

Updated: 2020-02-19 15:30

The battle broke out fiercely, completely taking over the atmosphere of the area.

Similar to the last battle against the Zhao Clan, this battle turned out to be destructive and long-lasting.

The fight waged for almost ten hours.

Austin had a hard time fighting the reclusive elder of the South Marine Sect.

And even worse, he was hurt from the extensive fight he had undergone.

Being hit numerous times by the reclusive elder of the South Marine Sect had taken a toll on his body. If it hadn't been for Austin's Immortal Body Refining Formula which he had cultivated, he would have already been crushed into pieces and died on the spot.

Several hours later, Austin and his demonic avatar launched the same moves they used to defeat their previous opponent. They were the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor and the World Sealing Tabooed Magic, and their joint attack again successfully seal this elder for a while.

Then, just as before, all sorts of their strongest attacks bombarded the body of the elder. This flurry turned the elder into a cloud of blood mist.

Meanwhile, Brady and the leader of the South Marine Sect were still engaged in a fierce battle.

Austin took a closer look at the fight. A shiny golden wooden fish in the hand of the leader caught his attention for it looked really powerful.

The golden light from the wooden fish, entangled with the terrible Buddhist law, resisted all kinds of attacks from Brady.

Austin once overhead from those cultivators that the wooden fish in the hand of the nun was a secret treasure from an ancient divine monk. He could not help but sigh deeply. The wooden fish's power was really extraordinary.

The leader of the South Marine Sect, without any doubt, was weaker than Brady.

However, the secret weapon she owned leveled the battle equally. She performed quite well against Brad

ecret weapon is really powerful. I think I will keep it."

Sensing how powerful this weapon was, Austin could not help but exclaim in excitement.

This wooden fish contained very brilliant Buddhist law.

Austin estimated that if he tried to understand it, he would be able to improve his cultivation base in Buddhist law.

While he was lost in thoughts, Brady proceeded with wiping out what was left of the South Marine Sect in the vicinity. This was mere exercise for him.

"Well, Brady, the matter of the South Mountain is finally over.

It's time for us to leave too,"

Austin said to his friend after putting away the wooden fish.

Then, using the Aura Disguising Skill, Austin completely changed his face and turned himself into a totally new person for everyone who met him before.

A few days later, he finally stepped into the large teleportation array between the South Mountain and the Middle Pilgrim Land. And finally, he left the South Mountain.

As soon as he left, a piece of astonishing news started to spread all over the South Mountain.

People all became deeply shocked the moment they heard that the master of the Zhao Clan and the leader of the South Marine Sect were wiped out with their forces.

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