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   Chapter 2209 The Buddhist Scripture Is Also A Magic Treasure (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6162

Updated: 2020-02-19 15:30

Brady was fighting the master of the Zhao Clan.

Meanwhile, Austin and his demonic avatar were against one of its reclusive elder.

Shocks of energy emanated from each clash of the fighters. The impacts were so intense that the area around the battlefield shook with every collision.

The other members of the Zhao Clan could not get close to the fighting area at all, leaving them to watch from afar.

For cultivators below the Major-perfection Realm, if they were hit by the energy shock wave, let alone join the fighting, they would either be dead or disabled.

As a result, all the members of the Zhao Clan went far away from the fighting area. No one dared to come close to the battlefield.

The space at the center of the fight was shaking violently, as if it were the epicenter of an earthquake.

Countless space fragments kept bursting, while countless dark space cracks constantly appeared. It seemed that the fight grew so intense it began to warp the space around the warriors.

The fight went on and on. Nobody had an idea as to when it would actually stop. It took a total of six hours before the fighting subsided.

The chief and the reclusive elder of the Zhao Clan were both powerful masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

The both of them had cultivated and honed their power for a very long time. Given their status, it was only natural that they were more experienced after their years of fighting and killing.

As such, their immense fighting power did not come as a surprise. Austin and Brady had seen it coming so they were well-prepared as well. That didn't seem to be enough though.

Even with the aid of his demonic avatar, Austin found his fight with the reclusive elder to be actually difficult. Not only was it harder than his usual fights, but it was also significantly more dangerous.

It turn

rine Sect were planning to head back to their headquarters first and then send more people to search for Austin. The moment Austin and Brady saw their targets, they swiftly blocked the route being taken by the people of the South Marine Sect.

"Let us wipe them out!"

Talking no further, Austin and Brady rushed over to their targets.

Brady kept the leader of the South Marine Sect busy. Before long, they engaged into a skirmish.

On the other hand, Austin and his demonic avatar were fighting one of the South Marine Sect's reclusive elder.

Just as the case for the Zhao Clan, there happened to be only two Heavenly Grotto Realm masters in the South Marine Sect. Austin and Brady each would take care of one of them.

Austin was cautious as he knew that the leader of the South Marine Sect possessed a magical treasure as well. He was certain that if the weapon was with her, now would be the perfect opportunity for the leader to use it against Brady. Thus he handed the Pot of Chaos and the Sky-devouring Gourd Cask to Brady.

Together with the purple axe from the chief of the Zhao Clan, this made Brady hold three ultimate magical treasures at the same time, increasing his chance of success tremendously.

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