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   Chapter 2198 The Sacred Scriptures Library

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Instantly, Austin went into a trance and realized that he had entered the kingdom of Buddha.

Countless palaces were erected, and there were many sculptures of dignified and majestic old Buddha sitting upright in the palaces.

There were many followers who milled around and worshiped them devoutly.

A silhouette of smoke filled the air as countless monks were also walking around and preaching to the masses.

The sound of chanting to Buddha filled every corner of the place.

Once Austin entered the kingdom of Buddhism, his soul couldn't help but have a deep admiration for this faith.

He really wanted to kneel down in front of the sculptures of Buddha in the temple to express his feelings of admiration.

However, before he could act on his feelings, the spiritual tree in Austin's Soul Sea started rustling, emitting a strong spiritual soul energy, which drove away all the scent of the Buddha that had broken into Austin's Soul Sea.

After that, Austin gradually regained his sanity and he didn't have the insane need to worship the sculptures.

"Wow, this is too dangerous! I almost got tricked."

Austin was a little shocked at what he had just experienced. He had never felt so out of control before.

The divine kingdom of Buddha created by the bodhi tree was very powerful and compelling.

It therefore made it very easy to turn people into a believers of the Buddhist faith.

While in the kingdom of Buddha, Austin heard the voice of Bell. He saw the highest ancient temple and golden bricks emitting sacred brilliance.

Countless monks were there preaching and spreading the true meaning of Buddhism.

Numerous followers, especially the devout ones, lay on the ground and listened carefully.

Austin stopped beside the Buddhist altar and listened to the preaching for a while.

"It actually contains profound laws of Buddhism!"

Austin exclaimed in shock.

The Buddha Dharma that the old monk he listened to, was preaching, and his speech contained extremely profound theory. Austin found that if he could understand the Buddha Dharma, he would definitely be able to use the law power of Buddha.

It was known that Buddhists had the most powerful and terrible cultivation method in the world.

The Buddha Dharma was boundless. One could imagine the terrifying power it could confer once practiced to the highest level.

Austin gradually lost himself in the words of the monk's preaching.

"It's them!"

Austin suddenly noticed some familiar figures from the corner of his eyes.

The group included the sect leader of the South Marine Sect, the leader of the Zhao Clan, and the other m

d always worked with the principle that wealth is always accompanied by risk.

Austin gathered courage and went to the Sacred Scriptures Library that was giving out a golden light.

The temple was very grand, and it was decorated with glazed glass tiles and golden walls.

The whole place was shrouded in a strong golden light.

Austin walked to the gate of Sacred Scriptures Library and heard chants of sacred Buddhist scriptures again. It was like a bodhisattva was preaching. The content directly revealed the essence of Buddhism!

The sound shook Austin's body and went straight into the depths of his soul.

If it wasn't for the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea that was constantly emitting a powerful spiritual soul energy, to protect Austin's spiritual soul, Austin would have been turned and become a believer of Buddhism!

Of course, by that time, Austin would not have known if what he believed was by his own will or the influence of something else.

"There shouldn't be any danger in there, right?" Austin tried to convince himself.

Standing in front of the Sacred Scriptures Library, Austin hesitated for a moment.

If he went further, would he be compelled into a Buddhist? Austin contemplated his options before finally making a decision.


Finally, Austin pushed the door open and walked in.

"What is this? What could be the meaning of this?"

All of a sudden, Austin was shocked by what he saw.

Inside the temple, there was a spacious hall.

The hall had rows of large-scale bookshelves that contained Buddhist texts. It was indeed a Sacred Scriptures Library.

However, the weird thing was that the entire palace was covered in blood. The dark blood was flowing unceasingly on the wall and on the ground.

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