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   Chapter 2194 The Bodhi Tree

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A towering tree was standing at the focal point of the grassland.

The trunk of this enormous tree was so thick that even tens of thousands of people staying together side by side could not encircle it entirely.

It resembled a tree that upheld the heaven and earth. Its thick roots deeply tangled in the deeps of the earth. The upper portion of the tree had directly reached into the sky and was covered by clouds in the sky. The highest point of the tree couldn't be seen from on the ground by any means.

The meadow was immense and boundless.

However, the tree trunk nearly took up two thirds of the grassland.

"Oh my God! How could such a huge tree come to exist?"

All the people stared in shock at the huge tree.

The roots of the tree were deep into the ground while the top rose high into the sky.

It felt like it was holding up the whole sky.

Austin looked meticulously, finding that this giant tree was full of vitality, with every green leaf looked like a piece of jade. Buddha's light spread, covering the entire planet.

Thousands of green twigs and leaves of the giant tree shone like the chain of many green clouds in the sky, making the prairie gleam dazzled and strange.

What was more captivating was that the chanting of Buddhist scriptures could be heard from the giant tree.

There seemed to be several Buddhas chanting scriptures sincerely in the giant tree.

"This is the bodhi tree!

A Buddha once meditated under the bodhi tree according to the legend of ancient times. In the end, he understood the nature of everything in the world and achieved true enlightenment.

Here is the bodhi tree!"

The sect leader of the South Marine Sect became enthusiastic as soon as she saw the giant tree. After she looked at it cautiously, she arrived at such a conclusion.

"Bodhi tree? !"

Austin was stunned too.

Austin was a terrestrial soul traverser. When he was on earth, he heard the Buddha was cultivating under the bodhi tree.

How could the Buddha Mountain have a Bodhi tree?

Moreover, an ancient Buddha had also been meditating under this bodhi tree before.

Was it just a coincidence?

"From ancestors of the South Marine Sect,

"Wow, that is so close!"

Suddenly Austin came to his senses. Cold sweat started to break out on his brow when he just recounted his mental state.

If he had fallen into that kind of situation, he wouldn't have been so sure if it was good or bad.

He might have been willing to stay under this bodhi tree for the rest of his life, practicing Buddhism.

"Ha-ha! You don't have any strength to run now, do you?"

The people who were pursuing Austin pushed toward this place as well.

Then, a shower of bright light covered everyone.

People began to slow down as if moving slowly.

Their eyes became peaceful, and the animosity on their faces vanished, replaced by a peaceful and stable smile.

Some of them even devotedly put their palms together as if they had dedicated themselves to Buddhism.

Luckily, the body of the sect leader of the South Marine Sect gleamed unexpectedly, with gentle and brilliant light. It was very eye-catching.

A golden wooden fish then rushed from her body and floated above her head. The golden light of it covered all the masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm around her.

"What just happened!

I seemed to be in a state of forgetting everything and putting aside all worldly affairs!"

"Me as well. I don't know why, but for a moment, I felt as though I could relinquish everything outside, and stay under this bodhi tree forever and piously worship the Buddha!"

all came to their senses and shouted.

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