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   Chapter 2193 The Core Area

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"You little bastard! How can you be so brutal?

You deserve to die!"

someone shouted at Austin.

There were about thirty strong cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm who rushed into the Buddha Mountain, and nine of them died in an instant.

A third of them died from the attack.

Those masters who died were all at the Heavenly Grotto Realm, and they were all the top masters in the South Mountain. They were prominent people that were feared by the whole South Mountain. No one would dare to offend them because of their great power. So no one would expect that these nine people would be killed by just a little thief.

This made the remaining masters of the Heavenly Grotto Realm extremely angry and depressed.

"Maybe we can use your secret weapon to protect us!

You can take us there and kill that little thief!" a master said to the sect leader of the South Marine Sect while gnashing his teeth.

He was one of those remaining masters and he just escaped death.

Just the thought of the horrifying incident made him feel weak.

His ordeal was caused by the thief in front of him.

So he couldn't help but looked at Austin with rage as if he could eat him alive.

"Yes! He is right!

Please take the lead, and let's all go together and kill that little thief!

I believe that your secret weapon can protect us from being attacked by those terrible branches!"

Their words helped the other masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm understand their situation.


The sect leader of the South Marine Sect nodded in agreement.

In a moment, the remaining masters of the Heavenly Grotto Realm followed the sect leader of the South Marine Sect. They used their bodily movement skills and rushed towards the place where Austin was waiting.

They moved carefully and followed the sect leader of the South Marine Sect without letting her to be too far from them.

'The secret weapon?'

Austin frowned after he heard their conversations.

Now he knew that the sect leader of the South Marine Sect could resist the attack of those strange branches by using a secret weapon.

He finally understood why the six of the seven masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm who had attacked him had been killed, and the other one narrowly had escaped from death.

Then he suddenly remembered something. During the critical moment, the sect leader of the South Marine Sect emitted layers of brilliant light. So he was now sure that it was from the secret weapon.

Austin turned around and was about to run away.

"You little bast

he waved his hand, and an ancient black seal rushed out into the sky, which caused the surrounding dense forest and mountains to shake violently.

A black dragon could be vaguely seen rushing out from the ancient black seal. The giant black dragon was tens of thousands of meters long and ferociously pouncing on Austin and Brady.


The gigantic dragon pounded on the Pot of Chaos that caused the mountains and nearby forests to crumble.

"Go to hell! You little bastard! I will kill you!"

the head of the Zhao Clan shouted in anger.

Then a purple axe came towards Austin.

It was another ultimate magical treasure.

The five ultimate magical treasure jointly attacked Austin and Brady from behind.

Fortunately, Brady was able to control the Pot of Chaos and blocked all the attacks one by one.

Austin felt bad when they fled to the direction towards the core area of the mountain.

The Buddha Mountain was strange and horrible. No one knew what kind of crisis awaited in its core area.

Austin was now in a desperate situation. He knew that he could not match these masters of the Heavenly Grotto Realm, and they also had five ultimate magical treasures in their hands. These people would soon catch up with them.

Left with no choice, Austin and Brady fled towards the core area of the Buddha Mountain.


After an hour, Austin found himself in a spacious and flat grassland.

He and Brady looked ahead, and they were both surprised.

"How ridiculous!"

They were shocked by what was in front of them.

"Oh my God! Look! That is..."

The pursuers also came one after another. They were all shocked as they stared at the center of the open grassland.

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