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   Chapter 2190 The Formidable Branch

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10317

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Austin and Brady were both in shock when they saw the beasts passing by from a distance. They all seemed to have something to do with Buddhism.

"Fortunately, these terrifying legendary beasts didn't attack us.

Otherwise, we would have been in real danger by now.

Well, we can't stay here for a long time. We'd better leave this place as soon as possible,"

Austin said as he realized that unknowingly he had barged into a dangerous place.

No sooner than Austin voiced his apprehensions...


An earth-shattering howl came from behind and Austin was hit by a torrent of terrible sound waves.

As Austin turned around, he was surprised to see that

a black bear of more than ten meters high, was ferociously running towards him.

"Damn it! Is this black bear the one who guarded the mountains?"

Austin was left aghast. He used bodily movement skills and was about to leave the place immediately.

The formidable aura of this black bear was too intimidating. Austin knew he was no match for it.

Even if he had the support from Brady and the demonic avatar, still all the three of them put together would not be able to survive even a single blow from the black bear.

Austin's spiritual sense was strong enough for him to judge his own capacity as opposed to his opponent.


The black bear behind them took monstrous strides and was incredibly fast as it approached them.

Austin felt that it was already too late to use any other skill. He immediately lowered his head and dropped on the ground, intending to hide under the ground.

But he hit the solid ground with a...


As Austin's body hit the ground hard, he realized that the ground was incredibly hard and impenetrable. There was no way he could go under the ground either.

On the contrary, the impact with the ground left Austin bruised all over his body and in throbbing pain.

"Damn it! It's impossible to go underground in this mountain!?"

Austin cried out in pain with gritted teeth.

However, he was far from resting his laurels. Immediately, he used spatial power.

However, to his utter dismay, there was no response from the surrounding space.

To Austin's surprise, the space around him was also not conducive to apply his skills. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't even open the space passageway and pass through the chaotic void.

He could neither go underground nor use the skill of Space Teleportation.

"Damn it! Why did I break into this damned place? I must have been out of my mind at the time!

Things seem to be getting out of hand this time!"

Austin smiled bitterly staring at the threatening black bear that was poised to be his nemesis this time.


Austin immediately unleashed his vital energy force and soared up into the sky.

All of a sudden, a burst of bright Buddha light appeared, shrouded the vast sky.

Austin felt that his body was hit by a strong force and he dropped on the ground with equal thrust. He closed his eyes tightly to get over the dizziness.

"Oh! I can't fly neither!"


of anger could be heard.

Austin was startled to hear the black bear's roar echoing through the forest.

Austin turned around to find out what happened.

He was left aghast by what he saw!

More than ten small branches as thick as the fingers covered with green leaves, exuded a dreadful aura of Buddha's law, were attacking the black bear.

The branches seemed to have been released from the distant mountains and covered a long distance.

These branches took up a position each and formed an array.

Each of them released bursts of Buddhist light and was surrounded by chanting of meditation, which made them look divine.

The black bear panicked to have been under the siege of more than ten branches.

Needless to say, it was no match for the ten branches put together.


Soon, the black bear became furious. It started radiating a black flame and its eyes turned red.

"It's burning the blood essence!"

Austin's heart skipped a beat as he noticed the combating stance taken by the black bear. It seemed to be in a do or die situation where the black bear was ready to fight desperately.


The very next moment...

A thick branch, even thicker than an adult's arm, covered with clusters of green leaves shined across mountains and hills at a distance.

Slowly, an absolutely surreal scene unraveled in front of Austin's eyes. The thick branch had several small monks sitting cross-legged on it, chanting Buddhist scriptures. The powerful sound reverberated all across the forest and even touched the souls.

The monks were very small in size, measuring barely as much as a thumb.

The terror on the face of the black bear at the very sight of the monks was inexplicable. All of a sudden, it seemed that it gave up the idea of fighting and turned around to run away.

Bang! The black bear had an unmatched strength and speed. Yet, it fell short to save it from a dry branch that pierced through its humongous body. It let out a soul-wrenching cry as blood came oozing out profusely from its body.

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