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   Chapter 2185 The Injured Little Infinity Beast (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6482

Updated: 2020-02-17 22:15

All of a sudden, the entire body of the little infinity beast shimmered brightly like the sun. Its blazing white light stung the eyes of those who laid eyes on it.

In a split second, a strong power erupted from its tiny body. It flowed rapidly in all directions, like overflowing seawater.

The force was tremendous and strange all the same.

Time froze in all the places where the white light reached. Before they even realized it, the entire space around them was already deathly still.

It left an extremely unsettling sensation. Time seemed to have ceased to exist. Everything in this space, including the air, and even all the laws that governed all the powers and energies, stopped in a split second.

To Austin's surprise, however, he was not affected by it at all.

However, as Austin turned to look at the little infinity beast, he saw a sight that startled him to the core.

Blood was oozing from the corners of the mouth of the little infinity beast, and its face had turned pale as snow.

The little infinity beast kept radiating extremely dazzling white light.

Austin immediately understood that the little infinity beast was burning his blood essence to help him get out of the danger.

"Run! Hurry!"

The little infinity beast looked at Austin and urged him to escape through a spiritual sense message.

The little infinity beast was in a very bad condition. The state it was in was getting worse and worse every second. More and more blood was coming out of its tiny mouth. It seemed to be on the verge of dying.

The assaulting energy released by the four ultimate magical treasures was vehement and violent. It had already entered the time zone created by the little infinity beast and caused great injuries on the poor creature.

The little infinity beast was losing control of the time within the nearby area. The time zone was about to collapse, too.

Witnessing all of the little infinity be

sly been practicing the Immortal Body Refining Formula. Thus, he had strengthened his physical body enough to withstand the most serious injuries. He could even recover at a much quicker rate.

Besides, Austin carried several highly potent superior herbs and superior pills with him. As such, recovering from his current injuries was not difficult at all.

Without delay, Austin took out a handful of his powerful herbs and pills. The medicine he took was extremely effective for healing even the most severe kind of wounds.

The moment Austin gulped down the superiorly powerful herbs and pills, he instantly felt better. The wounds on his body began to recover at a gradual pace.

Then, Austin shifted his attention to the little infinity beast resting on his shoulder.

The little infinity beast was breathing very weakly, and there was blood dripping down the corners of its mouth. The tiny beast looked really frail and helpless.

"Are you alright?"

Austin sent a message into the mind of the little infinity beast through his spiritual sense.

'I might need to sleep for a while.'

Austin heard the faint voice of the infinity beast in his ears. The infinity beast must have consumed the majority of his remaining energy just to be able to reply to Austin's question.

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