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   Chapter 2183 The Ambush

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"I should let Ivy and Sue come to see you,"

Austin uttered while gently caressing the little infinity beast.

Then he transferred Ivy and Sue to the secret room of the ninth floor in the Slave Tower.


What's this? It's so cute!"

the two girls screamed as soon as they saw the tiny creature. Their beautiful eyes were ultimately filled with affection.

Clearly, the girls immediately fell in love with the little beast.

Sue rushed over to the little infinity beast, trying to hold it in her arms.

However, the little beast was startled, then got a little angry and made a move.


Suddenly, the beast transformed into a light and shot straight towards Sue.

It apparently cast a kind of time-consuming force on the space around her body.

Sue felt that the time had stopped, and her body seemed to freeze.

Austin was shocked to see what the little infinity beast was doing.

Brady's was almost outmatched in power given his strength, so let alone Sue!

Realizing this, Austin immediately went to grab the little infinity beast as it leaped.

Austin was able to get hold of it just as it floated in midair.

He mentally sent it a message that the two girls were his friends, and they could never be hurt under any circumstances.

"It's so strange! Just now, I felt as if the time around my body stopped for a second,"

Sue said in confusion after she was free again from that force.

Then, she took the little infinity beast from Austin's hand forcefully, caressing and kissing it repeatedly as she complimented its cuteness.

Although the little infinity beast was very reluctant, it had to grit its teeth to endure Sue's clinginess as soon as it met Austin's earnest eyes.

On the other hand, Ivy was much more rational than Sue. She indistinctly guessed that it was the little infinite beast who stopped the time around Sue.

Clearly, the little infinite beast was not as simple as it looked; it might even be a very terrible diabolic beast.

However, it hadn't been long since it was born, so it was practically still a baby.

After a while, it became friends with Sue, rejecting being away with her––much to the latter's' content.

Meanwhile, back in the Green Stone City, a large number of people were hiding in every corner of th

and the little bastard must be hiding in the Green Stone City,"

the sect leader of the South Marine Sect uttered.

"Okay, we will stay here.

I must kill that little prick this time to vent my extreme fury!"

the clan leader muttered with hatred.

Meanwhile, in the Slave Tower...

"Master, what are you going to do next?

Should we leave the South Mountain, or we continue to stay here and cause more significant damage to the Zhao Clan and the South Marine Sect?"

Brady asked Austin.

"I have a score to settle with an old nun,"

Austin answered after thinking for a while.

"That year, Elder Helen––who claimed to be the South Marine Saint––took Ivy and Sue away from the Prime Martial World to the South Mountain by force.

She started all this.

We were in a hurry that day, so I didn't have a chance to get even with her,"

Austin added, sounding slightly sour as he recalled that day.

Brady, although had no say in the situation, was totally fine with it.

After all, both Austin and the demonic avatar were now as powerful as a master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Now, there were practically three masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. They could almost do anything they wanted in the South Mountain as long as they acted cautiously.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go to the South Marine Sect to find Elder Helen. It's finally time to settle this,"

Austin said with excitement dripping from his tone.

Then, without a second word, he left the Slave Tower in a heartbeat.

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