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   Chapter 2182 Little Cutie

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Austin manipulated the five golden balls above his head to hit the space in the distance.


The space exploded and transformed into countless fragments.


Austin was overjoyed with the power he discovered.

After all, the space inside the Slave Tower was solid and stable. That tower was a powerful magic treasure that even an ultimate magical treasure couldn't destroy it.

But now, the five golden balls––which contained the rules of five elements––just shattered the space inside the tower. This only meant that the balls were incredibly powerful.

"Master, this move is so compelling!

I guess most Heavenly Grotto Realm masters would probably get injured if they are hit by those golden balls,"

Brady exclaimed in sheer excitement.

"Is that so?"

Austin asked, even more elated.

"I am positive.

Master, I can feel that the Golden Sun Scripture you are practicing is more powerful than any ancient scriptures I've ever seen.

The combination of the Golden Sun Scripture and law power is terrifyingly impressive,"

Brady eagerly analyzed.

"You have a good point," Austin responded, nodding his head.

Having practiced the Golden Sun Scripture for such a long time, Austin was fully aware of its true potential.

Since he started cultivating it, the quality of his vital energy had significantly improved compared to that of other cultivators of the same level.

His vital energy force was far better than anyone else in the same realm.

That just explained how impressive and dominant the Golden Sun Scripture was.

After creating the new martial skill, Austin stood up and decided to stop his cultivation.

"I wonder how the egg is doing?" he murmured as he thought of the infinity beast's egg.

He went directly to the cultivation room on the ninth floor to check it.

"The egg hatched!"

Austin exclaimed in joy as he saw a large pile of broken eggshells on the ground.

"Wait! Where is the newborn beast?"

Instantly, he became curious as he found but the broken eggshell.

In a slight panic, he turned around and surveyed the room.

Austin eyed

hat are you doing?"

Brady was stupefied on his feet.

The little beast just attacked him with its sharp claws.

As a result, mysterious energy emerged and came at him.

Brady felt as if time had stopped around him for a moment.

"Woah! That's amazing!" Brady applauded.

Boundless dark energy rushed out of his body and gathered to shield himself.

The little infinity beast seemed to have sensed that it was no match for Brady. So, instead, it stopped on its tracks and retreated instantly.

It fell on Austin's back in a heartbeat and grabbed him by the clothes.

It stared at Brady with its round eyes, while making faces at him.

Austin realized that the little beast was unhappy with the way Brady looked at it.

"This little one is amazing! Even I almost got tricked by it,"

Brady said.

"Well, this little one is good at controlling time.

Had you reacted slower, you would have frozen right there and then.

I can't wait to see its full potential soon," Austin exclaimed with a smile.

He then reached the little beast in an attempt to touch it.

To his surprise, the little beast jumped forward and landed on his palm before he could even touch it. It seemed to be so fond of him.

"From now on, I'll call you Little Cutie. What do you say?"

Austin uttered, and to his surprise, the little beast nodded.

He was certain that it had no idea what its new name meant.

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