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   Chapter 2181 The Scorching Sun Of Five Elements

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Half a day later, a large group of people from the South Marine Sect appeared in the mining area. They were led by two reclusive elders.

The whole mining area had been ransacked. The place was full of dead bodies and the ground had been soaked in blood. The two reclusive elders trembled with anger as they saw the horrible picture in front of them.

"That thief! We will never stop until we kill him!"

The two reclusive elders gnashed their teeth in rage.

They were both wearing contorted faces this time.

"I'm sure that guy hasn't gone too far yet. Search the whole place now!" shouted one reclusive elder.

Meanwhile, the people of the Zhao Clan also entered the mining area.

The chief personally brought his team here to look for Austin as well.

He hated Austin the most for killing his beloved son. He swore to catch Austin and kill him a thousand times over to vent the pain of losing his son.

"Thief! I swear to drink your blood and eat your flesh once I've found you!"

As the chief of the Zhao Clan looked at the empty mining warehouse in front of him, his eyes filled with resentment.

This mine was owned by the Zhao Clan.

The mineral resources from this mine were transported to the headquarters of the Zhao Clan once every few months.

But now that the whole mine had been emptied, it meant what they had been working for months was gone! They would definitely suffer a great loss.

"Go and search for that bastard! I want him dead or alive!" shouted the chief of the Zhao Clan.

He clenched his fists and his eyes emitted a strong murderous intent.

The people of the Zhao Clan immediately dispersed and searched the vast Plateau Mine District.

After a short while, besides the people of the South Marine Sect and the Zhao Clan, many of their allies and other forces also came to help.

Hundreds of thousands of cultivators had scattered to hunt Austin down.

Moreover, some killers of the Slaughtering Sect also entered the land quietly to trace Austin's whereabouts.

Hence, the desolate and lonely place started to become chaotic.

At this time, Austin was already leaving the Plateau Mine District.

He had known that many people came to look for him there. They were all scattered everywhere around the mining area.

Therefore, Austin went through the underground to escape.

With Austin's bodily movement skill under the ground, no one could sense his presence except masters of the Heave


Since he reached the Major-perfection Realm, the fifth ball of golden light had been growing in his elixir field. It was growing bigger and bigger until it finally came into being now.

This time, Austin's abnormal vision of Golden Sun Scripture became five golden balls.

'Wow! I wonder what will happen if I integrate the rules of the five elements into the five golden balls. Will it be possible?' thought Austin.

He came up with an idea.

The Five Elements Dominant Swordsmanship was so powerful.

Its five sword auras could deduce a kind of law of nature respectively.

They could then form the power of the rules of five elements.

And now, Austin's comprehension about the rules of five elements had become pretty profound.

Hence, Austin immediately tried to combine the rules of the five elements and the five golden balls.

Another three days passed.

Austin was still immersed in appreciating the rules of five elements.

Twelve days had passed swiftly.

"It's done!" exclaimed Austin excitedly.

"I was able to successfully integrate the rules of five elements and the five golden balls. Their strength seems to have increased a lot!"

Austin stood still and focused.


The five golden light balls which were like five big houses spiraled on top of Austin's head and formed a circle.

The raging flames seemed to burn down the whole space.

At the same time, the power of the rules of five elements was divided into the five golden balls of light.

"Well, I will call this move the Scorching Sun of Five Elements!"

Austin had successfully created another martial art skill.

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