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   Chapter 2178 It's You (Part One)

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"Who did it?"

The old man roared in fury. The entire underground area quivered due to the terrifying sound waves that came from his roar.

His body was trembling so intensely due to his extreme wrath that it seemed as if he would fall down any time.

The mineral warehouse was the treasure room of the Zhao Clan. Thus, the majority of the treasures they had obtained in their mining area over the past several months were stored in there.

But the most precious things in store there were the time crystals that they just dug out a day ago.

This particular kind of crystal ore contained plenty of time energy. This kind of crystal was almost extinct in the entire land of the Divine Continent.

Therefore, each and every piece was absolutely invaluable.

But to everyone's surprise, a batch of the time crystal was dug out from the mining area of the Zhao Clan. Rumor had it that quite a lot of time crystals were found, so the total value was a very stunning figure.

The old man had already sent this good news to the headquarters of the Zhao Clan and asked them to arrange a group of capable warriors to escort the time crystals back to the headquarters.

But before the capable warriors could even get there, the theft took place and everything in the mineral warehouse was stolen. The entire warehouse was empty now.

Naturally, this unexpected theft left the old man feeling both frightened and enraged.

"This is him, sir!"

A man said as he waved his hand to draw a faint shadow of a person with his spiritual sense. Gradually, the shadow became clearer and clearer until it showed a vivid image of Austin.

"A young man? Unbelievable!"

The old man stared coldly at the image of Austin that the middle-aged man had just

people running closely behind them on the ground, and no matter which direction he went, they merely followed suit.

"Hey, Brady, do you know how strong the three cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm are?

How about we just go out and fight them instead? Do we stand a chance?" asked Austin.

Since there seemed no way to get rid of them, Austin thought it would be a good idea to just face the problem head on.

"One of the three cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm is quite powerful. In fact, he is almost as powerful as I am.

On the other hand, the other two cultivators are just average warriors. They are nothing compared to me.

But I still think we'd better leave if all three of them are coming for us at the same time.

I can deal with the strongest one among them, but the chance of you winning if the other two decide to join forces to fight you is quite slim," said Brady.

He relayed to Austin everything he found after he launched his spiritual sense to get an estimate of the strength of the three cultivators chasing after them.

"All right, in that case, we should find a way to escape first," replied Austin with a nod.

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