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   Chapter 2177 The Robbery

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'Well, that doesn't matter. Whatever the cost, I have to get it!

If I could get just some more crystal ore that has latent time energy, then I can hatch the egg, '

Austin thought.

Since the egg already absorbed quite a large batch of time crystals in the Fallen Immortal World, numerous cracks could now be seen on its surface. It just needed that one final push now.

Some of the cracks were already as wide as a finger.

Austin could now tell that given enough energy, the egg would hatch shortly. But getting that final push wasn't going to be easy.

However, once the egg was hatched, Austin could then fulfill the promise he had made to the soul of the infinity beast on the Nonuple Isles in the Prime Martial World. That was a promise he intended to keep no matter how hard he had to try.

"Haven't the elders arrived yet?"

"Not yet. Though I've heard that the reclusive elders, along with our clan leaders, are tracking the whereabouts of some young prick. I think they will be here in a few days."

A voice reached his ears from far away.

Though the conversation was happening several miles away, Austin's spiritual sense was powerful enough to pick it up.

Further concentration revealed that it was a discussion between among the warriors of the Zhao Clan who were guarding the mineral mine.

Since the mine was located deep underground, therefore, these warriors were animatedly speaking to their hearts' content. They were sure that no one could be listening in on them, not in this godforsaken place.


I mean the guy's just an arrogant brat. Why would the clan leader and the elders handle him personally?"

one of them remarked in disbelief.

"Beats me. From what I've heard, any child of the clan would have sufficed. You know what the funny thing is? A dozen of us stay here all year round, but which one of us knows about the affairs of the clan?"

another man wondered.

"Yes, you're right. Never mind. We can ask them whenever they come here next time."

The rest nodded in agreement.

"I was surprised to see so many time energy crystals inside the mine. They are extremely rare and worth a lot more than striking oil.

You can be certain of one thing: our Zhao Clan will definitely make a big fortune,"

one of them uttered.

Crystal ores with time energy!

Austin sensed a tingle of excitement down his spine. He hadn't expected to find a wa

as because the trio had employed their best skills during the process.

Within just a few seconds, every single crystal in this warehouse was gone!

However, at that very moment, several miles away from the mine, a short and thin old man who was sitting cross legged and mediating inside his tent suddenly woke up with a weird expression on his face.

"Someone is attacking the warehouse!"

the man shouted. The next moment, he rushed out of the tent at full pelt.

"The mine is in danger!"

"The mine's under attack!"

Within seconds, every single person in the area came to know about this development.

Several figures rushed towards the mine with all their might.

"Damn it! They found us!"

At that moment, Austin who was busy collecting crystals in the mining warehouse sensed their arrival.

Fortunately, they had already emptied the mine. All that was left was to run!

Austin dashed out of the warehouse like a spear and made his way through the underground tunnels quickly.

Shoop, Shoop, Shoop

Numerous figures rushed into the warehouse through various passages.

At the same time, the people who had been restrained from movement inside the warehouse suddenly recovered from their predicament. Looking at the empty warehouse around them, they were trembling with fear.

"We're too late! The mining warehouse has been emptied!"

the middle-aged man shouted in a pined voice as he walked over to the old man who had just rushed inside.

"What the hell is going on?"

the old man shouted wildly, looking at the now completely empty storeroom. Who could've done this!

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