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   Chapter 2176 The Plateau Mine District

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The three were Austin, the demonic avatar, and Brady.

The demonic avatar directly utilized the World Sealing Tabooed Magic and froze the older man for about two seconds.

Austin and Brady took the chance to hit him directly on the body.


The older man's body exploded into pieces!

Seeing that in an instant, their companion who was at the Heavenly Grotto Realm was killed, the rest of the Zhao Clan had no intention of fighting at all.

They ran as fast as their feet could take them.

There were, however, only a few people who were able to escape.

Austin immediately left after destroying the stronghold of the Zhao Clan.

Austin would, of course, pick up all the valuables on the path.

After Austin left the city, he went to his next target.

Half a day later, Austin came to another big city and wrecked the stronghold of the Zhao Clan there.

Austin had demolished more than a dozen Zhao Clan strongholds in just two days.

During that period, he had slaughtered three masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm from the Zhao Clan.

Austin also demolished more than a dozen strongholds of the South Marine Sect.

And he also killed two masters from the South Marine Sect who were at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Besides, those destroyed forts were in some big cities, and they were significantly big bases for the two sects.

The news spread all over the South Mountain and triggered another sensation.

The senior leaders of the Zhao Clan and the South Marine Sect, however, were all angry.

"You'll all go and find the bastard who did it!

We need to use all our might and power to find him out, even in every nook and cranny of the South Mountain, and then we will torment him and let him not be able to die even if he desires!"

the Zhao Clan's leader said with clenched teeth. The anger displayed from his body made the people tremble with fear around him.

"Damned Austin!

I swear that as I catch you, I will dismember you. Then, I will torture your soul for forty-nine days with the Five Ghosts Soul Refining Skill!"

the South Marine Sect's leader replied coldly. She was standing on a peak shroude

the sea, Austin was happily walking under the ground.

More than a dozen minutes later, he stopped.

"Um? What's ahead? It appears like a palace," he murmured.

Suddenly, Austin was jubilant.

Ahead of him, there seemed to be a large underground palace.

'Hmm, this must be the mining warehouse of the Zhao Clan's mining area, '

Austin thought.

So, he went closer. However, as he neared the place, he was shocked to find that around the mining warehouse were full of layers of high-level arrays.

Austin attempted to get in but failed.

"Let me try again!"

Austin drew closer quietly; a strong fluctuation of energy dashed towards him.

As he attempted to detect the strength of the fluctuation, he promptly realized that he couldn't break the arrays.

It seemed that the arrays here were exceptionally powerful.

"Well, in this situation, I have to wait until Zhao Clan's people to come and open the mining warehouse, and then I will take the opportunity to break into it."

Austin decided.

All of a sudden, something attracted his attention.

Austin felt that the egg in his body, which had long remained motionless, sent him a vague spiritual message.

Austin cautiously learnt it.

Then, he was thrilled.

It turned out that the egg wanted to tell Austin that crystals in the mining warehouse were useful for it to hatch.

'Are there some time crystals in the storeroom?'

Austin thought.

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