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   Chapter 2175 Destroy The Mansion Of The Zhao Clan

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Updated: 2020-02-16 22:18

Persuaded by Ivy and Sue, Austin told them what had happened between him and Caroline.

"I will take you to the Middle Pilgrim Land, and we'll be together, with Caroline,"

said Austin nervously, afraid that they might refuse him.


Ivy and Sue had confidence in Austin, and they agreed without hesitation.

"Master, when will we move out from the South Mountain?"

Brady who was standing beside Austin, asked him respectfully.

"Do not rush! The Zhao Clan and the South Marine Sect had the nerve to harass my beloved girls. I must teach them a lesson, but I cannot be reckless. I have to be very careful with my next move,"

Austin replied with a fierce look on his face.

"I don't agree. The Zhao Clan and the South Marine Sect are both difficult to deal with. We have no reason to stay here any longer. It's not safe for us.

I think we should leave here as soon as possible,"

Ivy said, looking worried.

She already knew that Austin had become so much stronger.

However, the influence and power of the South Marine Sect and the Zhao Clan entered her mind and sent chills down her spine. The thought of facing them terrified her.

As far as she was concerned, she should get out of there and never come back.

"Little beggar, let's just leave here immediately. We cannot stay here anymore!

Ivy is right. In the South Mountain, the Zhao Clan and the South Marine Sect are too powerful for us to provoke. We are no match for them. Fighting against them is no more than a death wish.

I don't want to go back to the South Marine Sect or stay in the South Mountain any longer. You'd better take me and Ivy as far away as possible!"

Sue said anxiously.

She had lost color on her face. Her skin was pale, and she started to sweat at the thought of those possible dangers. Horrifying thoughts entered her memory.

The leader of the South Marine Sect had forced them to marry that little shit of the Zhao Clan against their will.

The two girls would have chosen death by defying the sect leader's will. Good thing that Austin came to their rescue.

He came just right in time. If Austin had come a few days later, they would have been dead already.

Just the thought of what had happened again filled their hearts with terror.

The last two days were sheer bliss. They were reunited with their beloved husband, and they were extremely happy.

They were afraid that if Austin tried to start a fight with the Zhao Clan or the South Marine Sect, he might get caught or even ki

you will die here today,"

Austin spoke, smiling at the surrounding people.

As his voice trailed off, the demonic avatar, Brady and Austin released their power at the same time. The combination of powerful energy caused a catastrophic destruction throughout the mansion.

Strong crashing sound resounded from every corner as an invisible violent force swept the entire place.

The Zhao Clan's guards and cultivators were crushed and crumbled into pieces even before they could cry or scream in pain.

Austin's physical body was as strong as a master of the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Brady was equally strong and powerful.

The demonic avatar held the Diabolic Killing Needle in its right hand. It emerged as a powerful beast, with red fiery eyes, eager to devour its prey.

The combined powers of Austin, Brady and the demonic avatar was supreme and unmatched by any other power. Before long, the Zhao Clan had already suffered countless casualties.

"Bloody fool," a calm but annoyed voice came out of nowhere.

A strange figure flew out from an underground secret chamber in the mansion.

It was an old man, about fifty years of age. He fixed his eyes on Austin while his inner being burst of anger and murder.

He looked around the ruined mansion and the dead people around him. He did not hide his fury and continued to glare at Austin and his companions.

Austin knew right away that he was a master of the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

"You will die with them," Austin shouted as he glared back at the old man.

Before the old man could respond, the three of them flew cross the clouds of dust and smoke and attacked him from three different directions.

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