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   Chapter 2174 The Commotion In The South Mountain

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8707

Updated: 2020-02-16 22:18

In a span of 24 hours, the news about what happened above the South Sea City had spread throughout the whole South Mountain.

The Zhao Clan and the South Marine Sect were both influential forces in the South Mountain. Both sects were popular and prominent groups in the whole mountain.

Any news related to these two great forces naturally spread widely.

After the word got out, everyone in the South Mountain was shocked!

The Zhao Clan lost a total of three hundred members.

The public also came to know about the young master who was killed in front of his father!

The South Marine Sect did not suffer a great loss, compared to the Zhao Clan. However, Elder Trina, a master in the sect, was seriously injured.

But both of their opponents had escaped, safe and sound.

"Hell yes! This is so exciting!

Never in my life did I think that there would be someone sly enough dare take the brides from the Zhao Clan in the South Mountain. Plus, killing the young master in public and taking his two brides? The audacity!"

"Oh my god! Who the hell are reckless enough to provoke two super forces at the same time?"

"In my opinion, they are not reckless. They got guts, and they sure have the strength!

It's said that the leader of the Zhao Clan had even taken out an ultimate magical treasure. Guess what? They have an ultimate magical treasure too!"

"It seems to me that this young man may belong to a powerful clan based on the outskirts of town.

Or perhaps he was also interested in the two female disciples from the South Marine Sect, so he simply came here to snatch them!"

Cultivators all over the South Mountain were speculating about the battle with shock and excitement.

The news spread like wildfire. People were talking about it all over the South Mountain. However, another side of the story unfolded among the gossipmongers.

It turned out that the young man, who had taken the brides from the Zhao Clan and killed the young master, was the fiance of the two brides! He did not provoke the Zhao Clan, but he came to save his wives-to-be instead!

"The news came from the female disciples of the South Marine Sect. Then it must be true!"

Some people who empathized with Austin tried to convince the others that this was the real version of the story.

"Well, it seems that the two brides really knew the young man who took them.

No wonder they were so emotional when they met. It turns out that their fiance came to rescue them from the kidnappers from Zhao Clan!"

said someone who stepped forward and claimed to had witnessed the scene.

The cu

a secluded place in the outskirt of the South Mountain, there was a grain of peculiar kind of dust on a low mountain range.

It was actually the Slave Tower.

As a magic treasure, the size of the Slave Tower could be enlarged or shrunk accordingly.

In the ninth floor of this Slave Tower hid a secret room, Ivy and Sue were sitting right next to Austin. The sight of three lovers having a chitchat was a pleasant and sweet picture.

The three of them had not left each other's side for two days.

Austin told the girls what he had been through from the beginning to the end, not missing a single detail of it. All the while, Ivy and Sue listened patiently.

Ivy and Sue felt amazed with Austin's bizarre and tortuous experiences in the past few years. Some parts were too hilarious that they cried themselves through laugher.

Austin then remembered to ask about what had happened to Ivy and Sue, and why they were forced by Elder Helen from the South Marine Sect to go to this place. He was also curious about what happened after they came to the South Mountain. Austin was grateful that he understood what had happened to Ivy and Sue in detail.

The three of them had been filled with bliss in this reunion they had during the past two days.

Austin, of course, shared his relationship with Caroline to his two fiancees.

"What? You mean, you finally got the queen of the evil shadow race!

Tell me, how did you do that?"

Sue said as she seemed to be very interested. She slapped Austin on his arm playfully and asked him for more details.

"I didn't expect you to be good at picking up girls."

Ivy also looked gazed at Austin with her beautiful eyes. Like Sue, she kept asking Austin what had happened.

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