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   Chapter 2173 Ruin Her Plan

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Through her spiritual sense, the leader of the South Marine Sect was able to find Elder Trina on top of a mountain several thousands of meters away. She was sitting there cross-legged and was trying to heal herself.

The leader immediately communicated with her through her spiritual sense. "What happened to you, Elder Trina?" she asked.

She noticed that Elder Trina had lost a part of her body and she was soaking in blood.

"This is my fault. I have underestimated that brat; that's why I ended up like this," replied Elder Trina.

"The physical strength of that young man is very terrible. He has mastered the legendary Omnipotent Bodily Skill. I think he is even strong enough to fight a cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm," she continued.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked at the direction of the leader of the South Marine Sect.

Although she couldn't see the leader physically, she could sense where she was right now.

'What? That man was able to cultivate the Omnipotent Bodily Skill and can match a master at the Heavenly Grotto Realm?' thought the sect leader inwardly. She was definitely shocked to hear Elder Trina's assessment.

Apart from her, several reclusive elders of the South Marine Sect and the chief of the Zhao Clan were all shocked as well.

Everyone knew that body refiners could progress rapidly.

However, there was a fatal flaw in body refining.

When body refiners had already reached a certain level, it would be difficult for them to make further progress.

That was because human bodies were relatively fragile.

Therefore, it wouldn't be easy for cultivators to reach the pinnacle of cultivation by merely practicing body refining skills.

Nevertheless, there was also an exception.

Once body refiners mastered the Omnipotent Bodily Skills, there would immediately be no limitations or restrictions in their cultivation.

Their bodies would become much tougher and stronger than ordinary human beings. They could become stronger without any limitations unlike other cultivators who specialized only in vital energy cultivation.

Hence, all body refiners had been dreaming of commanding the Omnipotent Bodily Skills.

"Are you sure about that? Did you say that the young brat has mastered the Omnipotent Body Skill?"

one reclusive elder couldn't help asking Elder Trina for confirmation. The reclusive elder was really in disbelief.

How could a young man like him do such thing?

"I'm 100% sure about it. At first, I also couldn't believe in it. But, after seeing it with my two eyes, I realized it's really true."

Elder Trina smiled bitterly.

Then all of a sudden, a streak of spiri


But to her dismay, the chief of the Zhao Clan directly declined.

"No, thanks. I have nothing to discuss with you anymore. You will never get that thing from me!"

All of a sudden, the chief of the Zhao Clan turned into a beam of light and flew away.

"Mr. Zhao, I..." called out the leader of the South Marine Sect.

She was about to say something that might change his mind. However, it was too late. The chief was nowhere to be seen anymore.

Obviously, the chief of the Zhao Clan was extremely angry that it was almost impossible to appease him.

'That little bastard destroyed my plan!' thought the leader of the South Marine Sect angrily.

She looked at the sky where the chief of the Zhao Clan had disappeared. Fury had distorted her face.

Actually, her initial plan was to trade Ivy and Sue for a treasure that the chief of the Zhao Clan possessed.

That treasure was very significant for her to master the formula she was practicing.

If she could get that treasure, she would be able to master the formula and make another big progress in her cultivation base.

That way, she could possibly reach the Immortal Transforming Realm in the near future.

When she reached the Immortal Transforming Realm, she would be the top cultivator in the South Mountain and she could even become a big shot in the entire Divine Continent.

Once Ivy and Sue married the son of the chief of the Zhao Clan, she could get that treasure she needed the most.

However, that young man suddenly appeared and ruined her plan.

"You little bastard! The moment I see you again, I will never let you go. I'll make sure to tear you into pieces!" declared the leader of the South Marine Sect.

Her face twisted in rage.

She must find that young man real soon.

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