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   Chapter 2160 Going To The South Mountain

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Then Austin stayed for two days in the imperial palace.

The Flame Emperor had had a pleasant life over the last two days, of course. He was absolutely drunk in the company of two of the world's most beautiful women, Jennifer and Audrey. Day after night he drank exquisite wine stored in the imperial palace with Austin to their heart's content and subsequently spent several days drinking.

Two more days passed like this

"I've had a wonderful time here, Flame Emperor. I'm glad you've finally rebuilt your body and my promise to you has been fulfilled.

But I no longer have time lingering here any further," said Austin to the Flame Emperor.

One of this day, Austin articulated his intention to leave.

"Ah? So, are you going back to the Blue Dragon School?

I think you can stay here for another couple of days before you go back. Therefore, don't be in such a hurry to return."

The Flame Emperor got shocked at first. He then convinced Austin not to go.

"Sorry, I can't. I am heading to the South Mountain immediately."

Austin stared into the distance. An expression of concern emerged on his face.

"You want to go to the South Mountain to find your two fiancees?"

The Flame Emperor could not help but jump up after he had finally understood Austin's intentions of going to the South Mountain.

"Yes, you're right. I have to find them," nodded Austin at the Flame Emperor.

When he spoke those words, he appeared determined.

"I had two important things that I promised myself to do when I came to the Divine Continent from the Prime Martial World. Helping you to rebuild your body, is one of them. Now I have that fulfilled.

My second desire here is to locate my two fiancees, Ivy and Sue.

They have engaged to me, so I'm responsible for them. As a man, I can't let my spouses to live in exile for so long. I have to find them and take them home with me."

Austin told the Flame Emperor of his intentions.

"You are correct, boy.

Now, you are powerful. Your martial art skills are impressive. With all your amazing abilities and Brady's support, I don't think you can be easily defeated unless your opponent is a great master at the level of Immortal Transforming Realm.

The South Mountain is nothing more than a barren wasteland. You can go anywhere and do whatever you want to do there.

All right, you can go. You have my full support.

But would you just wait for me for a moment, please? I want to accompany you."

The Flame Emperor shared his genuine desire to help Austin.

"That's not necessary, Flame Emperor. Thank you very much. I can do it myself.

You've just regained your physical body. You'd better devote more time to adapt it and keep the company of your family.

And, forgive me if that's too disrespectful, it seems to me that your current martial art skill is useless for me. I don't think you can help me a lot if you go with me."

An expression of awkwardness was written on Austin's face when he uttered this to the Flame Emperor.

Those words offered the

vital energy crystals!"

The two elderly men were not even raising their eyelids when they were greeted by Austin. In a cold tone only one of them spoke those words.

Therefore, Austin took out twenty million divine vital energy crystals and gave them to one of the elderly men. He then boarded the teleportation array.

One of the two elderly men pinched his fingers and cast a spell to the base of the teleportation array.

Bang! There sounded a huge noise.

The sudden noise gave a dazzling radiance of light. Austin immediately felt a strong spatial teleportation force surrounding him and covering him like a blanket.

"Ivy, Sue… I'm coming for you.

Where are you? I hope everything works well with you."

Standing in the teleportation array, Austin was enthusiastic and eager for the reunion with his two fiancees.

Even though Austin's love stories with his two fiancees were not romantic and even flat, he took responsibility for them.

They had been engaged, so he had a responsibility for them. He must take his responsibilities seriously as a man and find them and protect them with his own life.

By now Austin had already entered a channel for space transmission. Time was chaotic, and the sky was spinning. He felt a mess in his brain.

This situation had lasted for a long time now.

Eventually, Austin felt his feet standing on something solid and found himself in another huge teleportation array.

This teleportation array was situated in a palace as well.

Generally speaking, teleportation arrays, whether large or small, were usually built in palaces because of their enormous transmission effect, and were unusually guarded by warriors with excellent martial art skills.

Without delay, Austin walked out of the palace.

It was a busy city just outside the palace.

'Finally, here I am, at the South Mountain!' Austin thought to himself.

Austin walked along the streets of this strange city; his heart was filled with excitement for the soon reunion with his two fiancees.

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