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   Chapter 2155 The Minor Achievement Stage of Golden Body

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"The Immortal End School will start to enroll new students in less than 12 months.

Austin, you must take this opportunity to work hard in your cultivation during this period.

I hope that you can be admitted into their institution.

After all, the Immortal End School has been recognized as the best institution in the Immortal End World,"

the dean advised Austin with his purest intentions.

Austin understood and nodded.

"It would also be ideal that you keep a low profile and don't attract too much unnecessary attention.

There are people out there who may envy you and find ways to trick you to obtain what you have since you have a lot of treasures with you.

With that in mind, you should take this jade slip with you." Anderson handed a white jade slip to Austin.

"If your life is in danger, use it to communicate with me. I'll come to your rescue as soon as possible,"

he explained further.

"Thank you so much, sir!"

Austin ejaculated in gratitude.

Concerned about Austin's well-being, the two elders told everything they knew and tried to warn him about the possible dangers that might come his way.

Austin nodded and bowed before the elders in appreciation of their teaching and instruction. He decided it was best for him to heed their advice.

It took quite a while before Anderson and the dean allowed Austin to leave.

"You're a seeded disciple now, Austin.

You should have a mountain for your cultivation.

Come with me, and I'll get one for you."

Elder Chris took Austin's hand. He did a somersault to propel them to fly high in the sky.

After a few minutes of being airborne amidst the gossamer clouds, they arrived in the depth of the school. The scene before them was extremely breathtaking. They were situated at the peak of a mountain where the spiritual energy was bountiful and extremely rich.

Moving around the mountain constantly, the spiritual energy on the mountain was as dense as a thick mist.

It was a picturesque sight to behold where all kinds of spiritual birds and beasts were running everywhere.

It had a vast expanse of rich, undulating superior herbs on the mountain. It was definitely full of life.

Moreover, there was also a luxuriously-decorated cave on the hillside.

At the first sight of the mountain, Austin already fell in love with every detail of it.

"This magnificent mountain is the perfect place for me to focus on my cultivation.

I better do my best in trying the Immortal Body Refining Formula,"


He couldn't wait to give it a try.

A giant more than one hundred feet tall appeared in the clearing as Austin unleashed his Omnipotent Bodily Skill.

Shrouded in gleaming golden brilliance, the entire body of the giant was golden in color. Its muscles protruded like small dragons, giving off a strong visual impact


This golden giant blew off steams.

The sound of steams spewing from the giant's mouth was high-pitched and piercing.

His body mimicked an ancient dragon as Austin took his time to breathe in and out. Everything he did would cause tremendous power, and his great vital energy could even stir a tempest.

"Is this the omnipotent skill called the Arhat Golden Body?"

Austin muttered in disbelief when he examined his body.

"The minor achievement stage for this omnipotent skill has been attained by your current physical strength, master.

Surely, once you use your Omnipotent Bodily Skill, you would put up a good fight against the average masters of the Heavenly Grotto Realm,"

Brady stated further.

"Really? Can I do that?

Fighting with such a powerful cultivator and probably not lose it?"

Overjoyed, Austin could feel his heart beat in eagerness.

"Yes, master. Your body should have been significantly toughened by now -- indestructible, even, since it has been cultivated and refined for several times.

I think it's safe to say that some cultivators of the Heavenly Grotto Realm wouldn't dare challenge you with their physical bodies,"

Brady deduced.

"Wow, that's awesome!

I feel really powerful right now."

As Austin clenched his fists, he felt the great force course inside his body.

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