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   Chapter 2154 Becoming A Seeded Disciple

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The two elders were about to engage in a full out battle of strength.

"Stop! What do you think you are doing? Can't you two control yourselves?

How can you act like this in front of so many students? This is not proper behavior in such a setting!"

A voice was heard admonishing the two elders.

Then two figures slowly showed their faces.

They were old men. One of them had white hair and looked energetic. The other one was plump with a round face and looked amiable with a permanent smile on his pleasant face.

"It's the dean!"

All the students exclaimed in a low voice as they stared at the plump old man in astonishment.

"Austin, this is the dean of our Blue Dragon School.

I met him once at the opening ceremony,"

Stacy said to Austin through her spiritual sense.

'This is the head of our school?'

Austin wondered in astonishment too.

The white-haired elder was Anderson, and Austin knew him very well.

"You must be Austin.

Well done my boy! I heard that you defeated the creatures from another world in the Astral World. You have brought glory to the Immortal End World and the Blue Dragon School,"

the dean said, as he looked at Austin in appreciation.

"Thank you. I'm flattered, sir."

Austin was delighted. 'Looks like dean has a good opinion and impression of my actions.'

"Elder Auden, stay out of this. Leave Austin alone.

I will deal with it,"

the dean said to Elder Auden.

"But sir..." Elder Auden began in protest with a frown on his forehead.

The moment he saw the dean and Anderson, he knew that his plans would go south and he couldn't do anything to Austin. Even though he didn't want to give up on his plan, he didn't dare to disobey the dean's order.

"All right, if you say so, then I won't get involved.

Austin, I hope you will behave yourself while at the Blue Dragon School," he said with a lack of enthusiasm.

With much reluctance, he stretched his hands and capped them towards both the dean and Anderson as a show of respect. He then flipped his sleeves and walked away in a huff.

"Alright everyone, I have an important announcement to make. From now on, Austin will be a student of our school.

Furthermore, he is going to join as a seeded disciple,"

the dean announced loudly after Elder Auden took his leave unceremoniously.

'He has directly become a seeded disciple!'

After hearing the dean's words, all the students stared at Austin in envy.

Seeded disciples in all the four schools were considered superior to their peers.

They also enjoyed certain privileges that the other students did not have access to, such as better cultivation resources and more training opportunities than regular students.

It was a known fact that anyone who became a seeded disciple of the four schools would become a master of the

ned by the offer, then he took a while to reflect.

"I need at least nine thousand superior herbs which are at or above the sixth grade.

The more, the better,"

Austin replied.

"More than nine thousand sixth grade superior herbs?"

The dean was surprised at his reply as he widened his eyes.

"Austin, why do you need so many superior herbs?"

Anderson asked with a frown.

'For a young man like him, nine thousand superior herbs at the sixth grade is quite a fortune.'

"Yes, I need them badly,"

Austin confirmed even though he took note of the looks on the two elders' faces.

Before Austin left the Land of Life-and-death, the monk had given him a large amount of superior herbs.

Austin already knew that the more he practiced the Immortal Body Refining Formula, the closer he was to reaching a perfect state.

So Austin still hoped to get more superior herbs, because the more he consumed, the better he could cultivate the formula and improve his physical strength.

"All right."

After a while, the dean gritted his teeth and waved his hand. Suddenly, a Space Ring flew over to Austin.

Austin took it in a hurry and felt it with his spiritual sense. He found that there were nine thousand superior herbs that were at or above the sixth grade.

"Thank you, Dean,"

Austin said with great joy.

"Boy, I will also give you nine thousand herbs as a gift," Anderson suddenly said.

He then waved his hand and put a Space Ring in front of Austin.

Austin took it too and found that there were nine thousand superior herbs at or above the sixth grade in it.

"Thank you so much, sir!"

Austin was ecstatic. He couldn't believe his good fortunes.

Now he could practice the Immortal Body Refining Formula five times with the superior herbs he had.

'My physical strength will increase quite exponentially after this, '

Austin thought.

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