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   Chapter 2153 The Confrontation Between The Two Elders

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"As I said, I will find out what exactly is going on.

Right now, you should move back to the Law Enforcement Hall with me,"

Elder Auden said and quietly moved towards Austin. Under his command, a huge torrent of law power surrounded Austin's body and sealed his power.

Actually, Elder Auden only wanted to immobilize Austin and then grab every single bit of treasure he owned without facing any resistance.

Therefore, he didn't want to waste time talking with Austin.

"Brady, can you deal with him? I seem to be a bit tied up at the moment..."

Austin asked Brady telepathically.

"If this were happening a few years ago, then my answer would have been no.

Luckily, I have made great progress recently and have become a lot stronger. I believe I can give it a whirl,"

Brady answered.

"That's great!"

Austin was overjoyed.

Thanks to the help of the monk they had met, Brady was able to cultivate by virtue of his identity as a guardian spirit. Ever since then, he had been immersed in cultivation and had been working really hard to improve himself.

As a result, his strength had greatly increased.

More than a hundred thousand years had passed since he had become the guardian spirit of the Slave Tower.

That was a round-about way of saying that Brady hadn't broken through in the past one hundred thousand years. However, that was not to say the man was weak.

His strength was already astonishing. Breaking through further had increased it to beyond what could be described through words.

"Good! I am glad to hear that. Damn it! This old man holds malicious intention! Anyway, I can't risk being caught by him.

If the worse comes to the worst, we can leave the Blue Dragon School!"

Austin said to Brady and gritted his teeth.

His personality and character prevented him from yielding to anyone.

However, just as Brady was about to teleport himself out of the Slave Tower and begin the fight against Elder Auden, an old man, whose age and wisdom were apparent in his silver hair, appeared right beside Austin and asked, "Elder Auden, please show mercy."

Then, the old man waved his sleeve; there must have been a formidable force inside it, since the wave instantly crushed the law power Elder Auden had exerted on Austin.

The next moment, the old man grabbed Austin and moved backwards long dist

g disciples.

And you, an elder, have suddenly appeared to interfere in such a matter. What the hell are your plans?"

Elder Chris snapped too.

"Well, well, well... Looks like you're in no mood to listen.

In that case, I'll have to make you listen!"

Elder Auden furiously roared.


A wave of extremely formidable law power rolled out from his body and covered the area.

Suddenly, every single disciple in the area, including Austin, felt that the space around them had fallen completely under the control of Elder Auden.

The horrifying power he had emanated was now everywhere, rolling like the tide.

In fact, they were finding it difficult to breathe in such an intense environment.

"The old man's strength is not weak.

He seems to be a strong master who has successfully developed 19 grottoes in his body.

That means he must have reached the premium stage of Heavenly Grotto Realm,"

Brady remarked to Austin using telepathy.

"Humph, time to fight!!

Elder Chris shouted angrily.

He waved his sleeve and then Austin was sent far away from the fight.


Surging law power flew out of Chris' body as well, and rushed towards the sky, instantly splitting up more than half of the space around him.

The two elders were now floating in the air, each releasing their horrifying law power against each other. The situation was almost like a stalemate.

"Oh, my God! What is going on?"

"Are the two elders going to fight for Austin?"

The disciples who had witnessed the whole scene were completely shocked.

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