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   Chapter 2152 Elder Auden

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"It's Elder Auden!

I did not foresee that this fight would grab the attention of Elder Auden from the Law Enforcement Hall,"

a stunned student exclaimed as he saw the elder.

As soon as Elder Auden made an appearance, the students and followers looked at him with trepidation.

After all, he governed the Law Enforcement Hall of the school as its head.

For students who made misdeeds and offenses, the personnel of the Law Enforcement Hall were the ones that made sure that they got punished for their mistakes.

The students could feel their heart hammer against their rib cage once they saw people from the Law Enforcement Hall.

As soon as the personnel from the Law Enforcement Hall got involved, it surely wouldn't end well for those students.

That being said, the highest seat in the Law Enforcement Hall was Elder Auden.

To say that the students of the Blue Dragon School were terror-stricken in his presence would be an understatement.

"Austin, be careful! The Universe Sect has a close-knit relationship with Elder Auden.

He is on good terms with some core members of the Yuwen Clan. He favors the Universe Sect more than anything and has stood up for its members more than once.

On top of it all, he is the head of the Law Enforcement Hall. It's best if you stay on his good side and not offend him."

As soon as he saw Elder Auden, Harold suggested this thought to Austin through his spiritual sense.

"Is that so?

I see," Austin acknowledged as he observed the elder.

As he shifted his gaze towards Elder Auden, he noticed that his gaze was hostile and withdrawn. He knew what the elder was up to.

"Austin, Elder Auden is here before your presence! Why don't you kneel down and get ready to be punished?

How can you be so ill-mannered?"

Larry reprimanded as he looked at Austin scornfully.

Belinda came over, stood next to Larry, and eyed Austin cruelly. She obviously thought that Austin was in big trouble and she got off on his misery.

As he felt the pressure of the people around him to pay his respects, Austin had no choice but to come forward as he bowed before him.

"Elder Auden, I'm Austin Lin. It's my pleasure to meet you," Austin greeted in the most humble manner he could muster.

'He is an elder of the school, after all. It is right and just for me to show him respect, ' he reasoned in his mind.

"Austin! What do you think you're doing? How could you be so rude to the elder before you?

You were supposed to kneel down and kowtow to

fore long, the square was suddenly clamorous, and the sound of scolding was appalling.

"Everybody, keep quiet!" Elder Auden shouted coldly.

His ear-splitting voice silenced all the hubbub throughout the area.

They all fell into silence and they could hear a faint buzz in their ears as the sound slowly dissipated. Terrified of the elder, everybody decided not to say anything further.

"Austin, follow me to the Law Enforcement Hall. I will get to the bottom of this. We'll determine if they wronged you or not," Elder Auden finally spoke.

He looked at Austin, his face inexpressive and vacant.

However, Austin noticed a mixture of greed and excitement twinkling in the elder's eyes.

'Oh, shit! This old man seems to harbor malicious intentions against me!'

With this in mind, Austin had to think fast.

"Elder Auden, I believe I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I follow you to the Law Enforcement Hall?

In addition, the school encourages students to compete against each other.

What happened between me and the Universe Sect is nothing but a normal competition among students. Why did you have to get involved with this?

The Universe Sect has been continually bullying hundreds of students for the past decades before I even intervened, and they got away with what they have done.

You chose to put a blind eye with their faults, but you decided to personally intervene with this one. May I know the reason?"

Austin countered.

He was not a fool. He knew that he shouldn't follow Elder Auden to the Law Enforcement Hall.

'My life would surely be in danger once I end up in his hands since he is incredibly powerful, ' Austin speculated.

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