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   Chapter 2151 You've Gone Too Far

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9760

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"Austin, I just gave you a chance, but you didn't value or even maximize it.

Now, it's too late for you to have any regrets!

Oh come on! Go to hell!"

Dalton stood amidst the fierce battle as his red hair flew in the air. The red spear in his hand was bright and eye-catching, emitting a murderous vibe.

At this time, he was confident because he seemed to be gaining the upper hand in the fight. He looked majestic, like the god of blood.

"Ha-ha, you want my life? I don't think you can do this!

It's not going to be difficult for me to defeat you!"

Austin had not been exerting himself. He had just been using his Omnipotent Bodily Skill, coupled with the Pot of Chaos, and an incomparably fast bodily movement skill to fight against Dalton. That was not even an iota of his full strength.

The moment he finished his words, a blood cuddling scream

suddenly rang through the air.

Then thousands of human-faced golden crows bathed in the golden fire appeared in an instant. The raging fire almost made the empty void collapse.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

The thousands of human-faced golden crows flew and filled the sky. It was as if they had received an order. Every one of them shot a black light and aimed at Dalton.

Each streak of black light was actually a golden divine feather.

They released tens of thousands of golden divine feathers, each contained the three-legged golden crow's life energy. It was so lethal that it made people chilled to the bone.


The sky above them broke into pieces, and tens of thousands of golden divine feathers shot in concert like an orchestra, drowning the place where Dalton was located. They all attacked Dalton's body.

Dalton only felt a huge burden surging though his heart. He couldn't place a hand on it. All he had was a feeling of extreme danger.


A doleful cry was heard from Dalton as he seemed to be struggling.

The blood tide like a tsunami slapped and beat his body from all angles while roaring like the sea.


Streams of thick red light also gathered together in an instant and materialized into a mountain-sized red spear, flying at a high speed.


The next moment, as soon as the golden divine feathers touched the thick red spear, it became as fragile as tofu and was instantly torn into tiny pieces scattered all over.

Then, the tens of thousands of golden divine feathers tore open the defense layer of the vital energy force that Dalton had erected as his protection and brutally shot into his body.


Right at that moment, Dalton realized he was knocking at the doors of death. He began to howl, unwillingly decrying his imminent death.

He had ranked as number one on the Power Ranking Stela, an indication that he was top among the warriors under the Heavenly Grotto Realm. However, at that moment, he could feel it in his gut that he w

and injured.


The dragon dashed into the headquarters of the Universe Sect. As it passed through the buildings, everything was torn into pieces and blew up in its wake.

A moment later, the headquarters of the Universe Sect were once again in ruins!

The onlookers around were too shocked to say anything.

It was the second time that Austin had trampled the headquarters of the Universe Sect!


You're too arrogant.

You are just a follower. How dare you hurt the members of the school and damage the building of the school?"

In the dead silence and the shocked atmosphere, a man suddenly came out of the crowd. He pointed at Austin and scolded angrily.

The man was Larry.

"Ha-ha, that's funny.

This is just a fight between students and other stronger people should not interfere.

Or could this be all your Universe Sect's power? No way, you must be kidding!"

Austin stated in mock horror while laughing.

In battles between students, generally, senior masters were not expected to interfere. Austin knew the hidden rules very well and was just messing with him.

"Austin, just wait. I've sent someone to inform the elders in our school. It will not be business as usual.

You'd better be prepared to receive severe punishment from the elders. You have committed many crimes. You may be expelled from the school, or even have your cultivation base destroyed! Or even better still, they will kill you!"

Larry continued, giving a snort.


Austin looked at the smug smile on Larry's face and had a bad feeling.

Just then, another voice was heard.

"Well, normally, the school wouldn't get involved in any battles between students.

But there is a line that cannot be crossed.

And unfortunately Austin, you've crossed that line. You've gone too far!"

It was an old man who spoke. He appeared beside Larry. He was tall and thin, wearing a loose robe.

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