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   Chapter 2150 The Battle With Dalton

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Behind Dalton Du, there were hundreds of members of the Universe Sect. They all stood in a row, staring at Austin with angry eyes.

Beside Dalton, there were more than a dozen men. Many of those were men who had been defeated by Austin.

"So, you must be Austin."

Dalton stared at Austin as he spoke slowly and his eyes kept scrutinizing him.

"That's right!"

Austin said calmly. His demeanor was as cold as ice.

"Well, I must admit that you are very strong.

But I advise you not to oppose our Universe Sect!"

Dalton's spiritual sense was probing Austin's body, and in his eyes, there was a trace of appreciation.

His spiritual sense was extremely powerful. He sensed that the vital energy force in Austin's body was far stronger than that of the ordinary cultivators who were at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm.

By Dalton's perception, the energy in Austin's body was like a strong river. It was continuously galloping and roaring.

That was regarded as a sign of good quality of vital energy force.

"Well, I'm not here because I'm opposing your Universe Sect.

Rather, it's the fault of all your men. They were the ones who came and provoked me at various instances, again and again.

Therefore, I'd say you are bringing this upon yourselves,"

Austin responded with a faint smile on his face.

"Really? Is it so?

So in that case, you seem to have no grudge against our Universe Sect.

How about this, Austin? I am going to give you a choice.

You can join our Universe Sect and directly you can become the top leader.

Or you need to prepare to die!"

Dalton stared at Austin and spoke slowly. By the time he said the last word, his tone suddenly changed and became fierce.

"Really? You'll let me join the Universe Sect?"

On hearing Dalton's words, Austin could not stop himself from being stunned.

"Indeed, you are a talented person.

Our Universe Sect is a place where we specially recruit elite young members like you. I strongly believe you are worthy and qualified to join our Universe Sect."

Dalton nodded in anticipation.

This shocked everyone who was present there.

Inviting Austin to join the Universe Sect was something that was against everything they had done recently.

The people who were around, including the members of the Universe Sect, and the other people who had rushed to see the scene, were all stunned to hear Dalton's words.

No one in the crowd expected that Dalton would say something like that. He was making an offer which shocked them all.

The only thing, all those who were present there could understand from it was that Dalton had taken a fancy to Austin's strength.

It was a fact that with Austin's terrifying strength, if he joined the Universe Sect, the

got covered by numerous thick beams of blood red spear light as if it had stifled all the lives.

"This is so horrible!"

the onlookers whispered around. All of them were shocked by Dalton's terrible and fierce attack.

"Will Austin be able to resist this attack?"

Stacy and Kimberly watched the fierce fight, continuing before them, with concern.

"Well, he really lives up to his status as number one on the Power Ranking Stela. Dalton's fighting strength is really strong. I'm sure among all his peers, he really has few opponents.

It looks like we made a right choice by inviting him to join the Universe Sect."

In the void at a little distance, a tall old man with wide sleeves was using some kind of secret technique to keep himself hidden. He nodded and smiled as he watched the whole thing.

In another direction, also in the void, there were two people who were also hiding and watching the whole scene unfold.

One of them was an old man whose hair was a mix of black and white. He was Elder Chris.

The other middle-aged man was Steward Lee of the school.

"Elder Chris, what is your opinion? Who do you think will win between Austin and Dalton?"

Steward Lee asked Elder Chris with curiosity.

"Well, it's hard to say. Dalton's vital energy force is of strong quality and he has rich fighting experience. The cultivation method he uses is a very powerful secret technique.

As for Austin, few moments ago he was able to defeat Don with two moves. Given the fighting power he has showed so far, he should not be that far behind Dalton.

So, I guess it's really hard to say who will win between the two of them.

Let us just wait and watch,"

Elder Chris analyzed the situation and concluded.

Steward Lee too nodded his head in agreement. It wasn't easy to predict who would emerge the winner among those two.

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