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   Chapter 2149 Number One On The Power Ranking Stela

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"Oh, you want me to kneel? You are in no position to ask that of me!

Your Universe Sect provoked me repeatedly. I have had enough. You should pay the price now,"

Austin replied coldly.

"Shut up!

How dare you! A mere follower. How could you be so arrogant?

Well, I guess it's useless talking to a worthless person like you.

Since you don't want to come in and accept your punishment, then let me get you myself! I will not waste another minute of my time with you!"

A harsh warning was heard.

Suddenly, a dark figure appeared from the headquarters of the Universe Sect. It took flight, then rushed towards Austin.

It was a young man in a yellow shirt. His vital energy force surged like a storm, sweeping everything around him, and it headed towards Austin.

"He is Jenson Huang!

He ranks the seventh on the Power Ranking Stela! I cannot believe it!"

someone from the crowd shouted. This caught the attention of the onlookers, their faces were covered in unbelief.

After all, he was a very strong cultivator who ranked seventh on the Power Ranking Stela.

The top ten in the Power Ranking Stela were considered elites. The presence of even just one of them was enough to cause thrill and excitement among the people in the crowd.

"Humph! You are just a lowly follower. I don't believe that you can do anything. I will kill you!"

Jenson shouted angrily.

He then stepped forward as the sound of a roaring lion echoed in the air. It was so loud that it sent tremors on the ground and terrified the surrounding people.

An overbearing golden energy light turned into a sea of golden energy and moved towards Austin like a strong wave.

It was an amazing showcase of power. Jenson lived up to his position on the Power Ranking Stela. His awesome performance shocked all the disciples and followers around them.


Jenson punched Austin with his fist.

A golden flash of light skyrocketed and released a blast of golden haze. As the cloudy air disappeared, the people saw a huge golden lion standing in front of Austin. It released a violent cry that made the ground tremble violently. Soon, an energy hurricane appeared releasing a violent windstorm into the atmosphere.

The golden lion was like a mountain, pouncing towards Austin relentlessly.

"Wow! That is very impressive.

But that is not enough to threaten me.

I can defeat you easily,"

Austin said as he watched the golden lion rushed towards him.

"The price for your arrogance is death!"

Jenson could not help but shout angrily as he was annoyed by Austin's composure. He could not believe, Austin could remain calm and was not threatened. Austin's words provoked him further.

"Oh, so you don't believe me?

Well, let's see how I will defeat you! Watch and learn!"

Austin smiled.


Stela had to kiss his ranking goodbye. He too was defeated by Austin.

Austin remained suspended in the air with his hands clasped behind his back. He stared at the headquarters of the Universe Sect thoughtfully.

"Was that the best the Universe Sect can do? Do you have anyone better? More powerful perhaps?"

Austin's tone was calm, but it was full of insult and sarcasm.

Members of the Universe Sect were all outraged upon hearing Austin's words. It was an insult to their sect, and it angered them to the core.

"Wonderful! What a wonderful scene!

I did not expect that such a powerful person exist in our Blue Dragon School.

I think that you have earned the right to be my opponent."

A faint voice came out from the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

Soon, hundreds of cultivators gathered outside the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

Leading them was a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance.

Austin knew at once that the young man walking ahead of the crowd was Dalton Du. He ranked first in the Power Ranking Stela!

"Look! It's Dalton!"

"For several years, he has cultivated in seclusion. I can't believe that he would come out just because of Austin!"

"Someone said, he has accumulated enough strength to break through to the Heavenly Grotto Realm already, but he chose not to in order to develop more grottoes,"

the surrounding spectators whispered among themselves.

Dalton had always been a very mysterious master among the first and second level disciples of the Blue Dragon School.

He cultivated alone most of the time and appeared in front of other disciples on very limited occasions.

There were very little chance for most of the disciples to see and meet him. This was one rare moment.

Seeing him today up close was unexpected. The surrounding disciples and followers were naturally filled with joy and excitement.

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