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   Chapter 2148 Visiting The Headquarters of The Universe Sect Again

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"I heard that Dalton is really good," added Stacy.

She was standing there like a stone-cold goddess.

Her long dress and white skin made her look very elegant and noble.

But this time, she approached Austin with a beaming smile on her face.

"Ha-ha! Give me more credit, okay?"

insisted Austin.

"Take me to the headquarters of the Universe Sect so I can tear it down again. I will make sure to beat each member I see. I'll make them realize the mistake they have made."

Austin had already made up his mind.

In this case, no one could ever change it.

"All right. If that's what you really want," said Stacy with a sigh.

Obviously, she had given up persuading Austin anymore.

"Anyway, just be careful. I heard that the new headquarters of the Universe Sect is still in the same location."

Since it was already impossible to change Austin's mind, she just gave him the information.

Besides, she had witnessed how Austin had defeated Giles earlier. She realized that Austin had indeed progressed a lot. He might be able to prevail over Dalton.

After knowing Austin for quite a long time, Stacy had somehow developed her faith on him and believed that he could handle anything.

"Is that so?"

Austin sneered.

"If that's the case, then it will be much easier for me to destroy it again," he continued.

He then headed for the headquarters of the Universe Sect.

Stacy followed behind him.

"This guy is indeed fearless! Does he even realize what he is doing now?" said Kimberly with a frown.

She still felt worried even after hearing everything that Austin had said. She couldn't just stay behind so she stamped her feet in anger and followed them as well.

Harold stared at Austin's receding back broodingly. A few seconds later, he turned to one of his subordinates.

"Round up all our men and lead them to the headquarters of the Universe Sect," he ordered.

Together with over a hundred members of the Summer Sect, Harold also was bound for the headquarters of the Universe Sect after a short while. Just a few moments later, the group had already caught up with Austin and the two girls.

At this time, the students and followers around the mountain where Kimberly lived were getting excited.

"Oh my gosh! Austin is going to ruin the headquarters of the Universe Sect again!"

"But at this moment, the Universe Sect has four masters who belong to the top ten on the Power Ranking Stela. Danton is even the top one. He is the best among those who haven't entered the Heavenly Grotto Realm cultivators in our school. Can Austin really deal with them?"

dquarters one after another.

This was already expected to happen. After all, the Universe Sect, Dalton, and Austin were all famous.

Dalton had been the first ranking one on the Power Raking Stela for a long time. He was known as the best among those who hadn't reached the Heavenly Grotto Realm cultivators in the Blue Dragon School.

On the other hand, Austin had entered the Blue Dragon School only as a follower but he dared to make the Universe Sect his enemy. He defeated Giles who ranked eleventh in the Power Ranking Stela and he razed the headquarters of the Universe Sect all by himself.

Moreover, the news that Austin had prevailed over the ten young evil creatures from another world had reached the Blue Dragon School and caused a stir.

And now that the two of the strongest were expected to face each other and have an epic fight, of course many people would definitely get interested.

That explained why all the first and second level students and followers were excited to witness the fight.

Austin was still standing in the air while looking at the headquarters of the Universe Sect sternly.

The dead silence overwhelmed the whole headquarters.

"You are Austin Lin, right? I'm ordering you to get inside and kneel on the ground. If you apologize, I may spare your life."

After a long while, a calm voice was finally heard from the inside of the headquarters.

The voice was full of authority and it sounded creepy to the ears of the ordinary students and followers.

"It's Dalton Du! Indeed, he is inside the headquarters of the Universe Sect!"

Many people were able to recognize Dalton's voice even though he was inside the headquarters.

Everyone around the headquarters had gotten more excited.

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