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   Chapter 2147 Don't Be Too Impulsive

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"What happened? Austin defeated Giles with just one move?" blurted someone out in shock.

A commotion among the crowd suddenly arose.

Almost everyone couldn't believe what had just happened.

"Oh my god! He defeated Giles with just one move. How can it be? Does this mean that Austin only hid his real strength the last time?

He looked so strong today! This must be his real strength!"

"I think these men look so vulnerable in front of him."

"Yes, I agree with you. Look at Austin. He still looks confident and relaxed after hurting so many people in a moment. I think he hasn't exerted all his strength yet."

Different voices were heard as they expressed their thoughts about Austin.

All eyes were fixed on him. Everyone was still in awe as they couldn't believe their eyes.

Austin had especially defeated Giles with just one move. This was really something. Everyone who had witnessed this would never forget this moment in their lifetime. The scene would definitely continue to linger in their minds.

Giles was known to be a strong cultivator. He even ranked eleventh on the Power Ranking Stela before he was defeated by Austin last time. So to these ordinary students of the Blue Dragon School, someone who could defeat him was like a legend.

"Stacy, how can Austin be so powerful?" asked Kimberly.

Shock was also written all over her face. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth agape. It seemed that she couldn't recover from shock after everything that happened. She had known Austin for quite a while but she didn't expect that he had this kind of strength.

"I don't know," answered Stacy absentmindedly.

"I think he is getting stronger and stronger."

Stacy was also in great shock.

The first time she met Austin was in the Wild Herb Valley in the East Mainland.

At that time, she could say that she was much more powerful than Austin.

However, Austin had continued to cultivate and improved his strength at an amazing speed. Before she could know it, she was already too much behind Austin when it came to strength.

Until this moment, Austin's strength and power had grown to the extent that she couldn't help looking up to him. Austin was like a god of war to the eyes of the many.

"No, this can't be. I can't allow myself to lose to this guy. I have to practice hard from now on. Otherwise, I will never be able to catch up with him," murmured Stacy to herself.

She clenched her fists and a strong determination suddenly shone in her eyes.

She used to be m

ierce look flashed through his eyes.

The Universe Sect had provoked Austin multiple times already. This time was the worst because they had hurt Stacy and his other friends. They had crossed Austin's bottom line.

So, Austin decided that this was the right time to demolish the headquarters of the Universe Sect again and teach them a lesson.

Austin had already made up his mind that as long as he was still in the Blue Dragon School, he would never allow the Universe Sect to bully other students.

"But Austin, Dalton is not an ordinary cultivator. He ranks first on the Power Ranking Stella. His strength is truly terrifying," opposed Harold.

"You'd better think twice before you decide to fight with him."

Harold tried to persuade Austin.

Although he knew that Austin's power had already reached an extremely terrifying level, Dalton was still very strong.

Dalton had been in the first place on the Power Ranking Stella for a long time now so Harold thought that Austin might be no match for him.

In fact, Dalton's strength had been deeply rooted in the hearts of the first and second level students in the Blue Dragon School.

He was like a horrible mountain in front of those students. Everyone thought very highly of him and no one had ever dared to challenge him.

"Yes, he is right. Austin, don't be so impulsive," agreed Kimberly.

"You'd better go to Dalton only when you are already sure that you are strong enough to defeat him. For now, I think you are still no match for him."

Kimberly also tried to persuade Austin.

Although she had witnessed how strong Austin was, she thought that his strength was still not enough to match Dalton.

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