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   Chapter 2146 Making A Move

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"Dalton is the top warrior on the Power Ranking Stela, the strongest one below the Heavenly Grotto Realm in the entire Blue Dragon School!"

Giles said proudly.

"Number one on the Power Ranking Stela? Hmm...Well, he is indeed not too weak,"

Austin muttered slowly.

"Well, Austin, I have to admit that you are indeed a little stronger than I am.

But facing Dalton? Uh-uh, you don't stand a chance.

You can never imagine how terrifying he is.

As a matter of fact, no warrior below the Heavenly Grotto Realm stands a chance against him. Only those who are at the Heavenly Grotto Realm can possibly defeat him."

Seeing Austin's reaction, Giles thought that the latter had some scruples and couldn't help but feel a little proud.

After all, Dalton had always been the most intimidating figure of the Universe Sect.

Back then, when the head of the Universe Sect, Leonard, and the other core members of the Universe Sect made a breakthrough to the Heavenly Grotto Realm and become the principal disciples, Leonard personally invited Dalton to join the Universe Sect as a leading member.

As a result, their sect was able to maintain its reputation as one of the most influential organizations in the Blue Dragon School.

Principal disciple seldom involved themselves into affairs of school associations whose members were all first and second level students.

With Dalton, who was the number one warrior on the Power Ranking Stela, the Universe Sect was almost invincible.

When Austin ransacked their headquarters, Dalton was still training in seclusion.

As soon as the latter came out of training and found out what the former did, he was utterly outraged and sworn to make Austin pay.

"Austin, I advise you to get over there and kneel before Dalton. Beg him to spare your life.

Otherwise, no one can save you!"

Giles said, still keeping the smirk on his face.

"Ha-ha! The so-called number one on the Power Ranking Stela and the top cultivator below the Heavenly Grotto Realm has nothing to do with me.

Your Universe Sect provoked me, and I promise you that even Leonard himself would not be able to protect your sect, let alone Dalton!

From now on, I'll hold each member of your sect

blasted away and seriously injured by Austin.

Giles roared madly and chased after Austin desperately as he realized he was the only one left standing.

Finally, Austin stood still and settled in one place.

"It's your turn!"

His eyes turned sharp and ruthless as he spat those words.

The way he stared at Giles told so much about how furious he was.


A horrible roar soon blasted, making people's scalp tingle. The illusory golden crows––carrying pieces of fire––rushed above Austin's head like a tide and gathered together.

Then, an enormous three-legged golden crow appeared. Its golden eyes were filled with extreme killing intent, which was so stern and deadly that it made everyone's soul shiver in fright.


The three-legged golden crow dashed out.


The void had been destroyed, and countless pieces of space had been propelled, floating everywhere in midair.


In an instant, the three-legged golden crow tore the illusion of god behind Giles into pieces, reducing it to nothingness.


The next moment, Giles's body was struck, and he was tossed into the air like a withered herb struck by lightning.

Instantly, his face turned as pale as a piece of paper. And while his breathing became awfully weak, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

At this time, a large number of spectators had gathered around, but none of them dared to make a sound. Instead, everyone was just staring at this scene, in utter silence.

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