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   Chapter 2145 Damned Dalton

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Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Showers of arrows of light descended from the distant sky like a deluge.

Each arrow bore a frightening power.


The ordinary members of the Universe Sect immediately began to cry out in agony.

Because of their frail quality, the ordinary individual from the Universe Sect was not able to resist the vicious purple light arrows at all.

"Stacy, is Austin back?"

Kimberly was thrilled to hear what Stacy had said.

In her heart, she had just had a wild trust in Austin subliminally. She just believed that as long as Austin showed up, any issue could be solved.

"Yes, it's Austin!"

Stacy nearly choked with sobs.

"Really! That is fantastic.

Finally, he's returned!"

"Ha ha, that's incredible! Austin is back!"

"Sure, Austin is back. We can be spared!"

"Austin, don't let off these mongrels of the Universe Sect. They went too far when you were not around!"

Instantly, a burst of loud and joyful cheers emanated from the thatched huts at the foot of the mountain.

"Austin, you are back!"

The battle between Giles and Harold was also suspended. With great joy, Harold looked up into the sky.

A figure flew over from that direction at a frightening speed.

At this minute, in a space close to Kimberly's peak for cultivation, a middle-aged man hiding in the void also looked pretty relaxed.

"Phew, Austin finally returned!

Well, this time, I don't seem to have to stop the farce amongst the students.

Recently those Universe Sect guys really went too far.

If it weren't for Elder Auden, who continuously protected them, I would have punished them unbearably.

Now that Austin is back, all is under control. I guess this time, he'll turn the situation around."

The middle-aged man was one of the Blue Dragon School's stewards. In fact, he was in charge of secretly tracking the fights and movements among the school students.

associated with Austin in the last few days.

The more Austin heard the words of the disciple, the colder his eyes became.


The Universe Sect! Yeah, yeah…well, well!

I swear there will be no space for the Universe Sect to exist in the Blue Dragon School from now on.

I will wipe out the Universe Sect without anyone's help!"

Austin laughed with anger after hearing the comment of the disciple of the Flame Holy Land.

Austin hated it to the core that someone used his friends to threaten him.

What the Universe Sect had done recently had thus profoundly touched his limitation of tolerance.

"Don't talk big, Austin! You even want to root out the Universe Sect alone, huh? That's nuts!" Giles snapped.

He had got his reason back from the fear to Austin. Hearing the latter's words, he could not help but become furious.

"Austin, Dalton has given us the order.

Once you've come back, you'll need to go and kneel before him. You should prostrate yourself with your forehead touching the ground, apologize, and accept the punishment you deserve!"

Giles kept on yelling at Austin.


Who's this damned Dalton? Who gave him the right to command me to apologize?

He is nothing but a piece of shit, in my opinion!"

Austin scoffed.

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