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   Chapter 2144 You Finally Came Back

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"You people from the Universe Sect have no right to punish us!

You are too arrogant,"

Stacy furiously yelled at Giles.


I just stated the rules for the first and second level disciples of the Blue Dragon School.

You have no choice but to accept it.

Plus, it was Dalton who personally issued the order.

Are you telling me that you want to disobey Dalton?"

Giles laughed maniacally. He was enjoying this.

Stacy and Kimberly suddenly felt nervous when they heard that.

In the Blue Dragon School, Dalton was known as the number one disciple among the warriors who were under the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Of all the first and second level students of the Blue Dragon School, he was considered the most powerful among them.

In a world full of warriors, strength was most important. It decided everything. Dalton had incredible strength, so naturally no student would dare cross him. Students were expected to follow his orders without any questions.


Cut the crap. Come on. Take all of Austin's associates away!"

Giles waved his hand in a dismissive manner.

The dozens of warriors beside him quickly marched towards the thatched cottages at the foot of the mountain where Kimberly cultivated.

"How dare you!

This is my sister's private place where she cultivates. I will not allow any disciples of your Universe Sect to stomp around in here!"

Suddenly, there was a shout, and then hundreds of figures came.

The leader of the group was named Harold.

As soon as he received the message from Kimberly, he immediately hurried to her place with the members of the Summer Sect.

Then he waved his hand. Receiving his order, dozens of members of the Summer Sect charged forward and surrounded the thatched cottages immediately to protect them.

"Harold, this is Dalton's direct order.

You better not interfere.

This is not your business. If you want to put your nose in this, do not blame us for what we are going to do to you,"

Giles said and curled his lips. He looked like he had anticipated that Harold would come.

Upon hearing Giles' words, Harold's face was suddenly painted with fear.

Dalton, as the number one warri

She was no match for him.

Sure enough, after two rounds, a wave of strong vital energy struck Stacy's body. She turned pale as she realized that she had been hit. She opened her mouth and spat out thick red blood.

"Stacy, let me help you!"

Harold ran to them and stood between her and Giles.

"You are also no match for me, Harold."

Giles smiled menacingly and scoffed.

"Let's fight and see!"

Harold challenged.


Giles and Harold quickly began their fight.

Kimberly hurried over to help Stacy. She took out a high-level superior herb for healing from her Space Ring and helped Stacy swallow it.

"Stacy, are you alright?"

Kimberly asked, her voice full of concern.

"Yes, I am fine.

However, this is not good." She looked at all the students fighting. "The strength of the Universe Sect's members is overwhelming, even for us,"

Stacy said with a frown.

"You're right. The Summer Sect are no match for them."

Kimberly was also worried.

Just as they were starting to lose hope, they suddenly heard a sound.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

Suddenly, up in the sky, numerous purple arrows of light poured down like little raindrops.

Each arrow was perfectly aimed at a member of the Universe Sect.

Stacy was shocked as she watched the purple arrows rain on the Universe Sect members.

"Is he finally back?"

Ecstasy and grievance were written all over her pale and pretty face. Stacy couldn't help but tremble.

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