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   Chapter 2143 The Suffering Of Those Related To Austin

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Updated: 2020-02-13 21:04

Back in the cultivation mountain of Kimberly in the Blue Dragon School, she and Stacy were engaged in quite a serious conversation.

"Where on earth has that guy gone to? It's been a long time, and he still hasn't come back.

You have suffered so much because of him!"

Kimberly groaned quite frankly.

The two female cultivators were sitting at a stone table as they were chitchatting.

Stacy's face was pale, and the vital energy force emitting from her body was a little weak.

A few days ago, a powerful cultivator of the Universe Sect provoked her with a random excuse, and she was severely injured.

Not only that, but her cultivation mountain was also completely destroyed by the members of the Universe Sect.

As a result, she and her two followers had to live in Kimberly's place for the past two days.

In the four major schools, as long as no one died, the senior leaders always turned a blind eye on the fights between the disciples. So, likewise, Stacy's case was not paid attention to.

It was the conventional way of training their disciples––igniting and fueling fierce competitions among them to push them forward.

"It's not his fault. The men of the Universe Sect are just too aggressive and arrogant,"

Stacy said, her voice slightly frail.

"How are the injuries of those people?"

Kimberly asked as she looked down at the newly built thatched cottages at the foot of the mountain.

Those cottages housed about a dozen disciples.

All of them were from some organizations affiliated to the Flame Holy Land in the East Mainland, while two of them were from the Flame Holy Land.

Recently, the members of the Universe Sect and the disciples of the several ancient sects and clans in the Middle Pilgrim Land had vented their anger on those people related to Austin.

And just like Stacy, all those disciples were also hurt.

They were forced to live in Kimberly's cultivation mountain for a while.

For Austin's sake, the ever understanding Kimberly let them stay.

"They have been badly hurt, especially Janson Zhang. He is still in a coma,"

Stacy informed angrily, frowning as she moved her lips.

"Well, the members of the Universe Sect are going too far. I can't believe they even dared to b


"Yes, you're right. What the hell is this Summer Sect? It is not even qualified to be spoken together with our Universe Sect."

"Exactly! Our sect has many masters, and nearly half disciples among the top ten on the Power Ranking Stela are from our sect.

You Summer Sect are just nobody!"

By the sides of Giles, the other members of the Universe Sect also began shouting, arrogantly staring down at Kimberly too.

"Is your Universe Sect very powerful?

Well, then why was even your headquarters razed to the ground not long ago?"

Kimberly couldn't help but mock.

Immediately, the faces of all the members of the Universe Sect, including Giles', grimly darkened.

They were obviously agitated to hell, being reminded of such a big blow.

Even their headquarter was destroyed.

It definitely left a big stain in their name and reputation.

"Well, cut the crap. Kimberly Xia, I will let you off for the sake of the Xia Clan.

But you can't protect Austin's people.

Dalton had given us the order in person.

All the people related to Austin must go to meet him and receive our punishment.

To tell you the truth, even your brother, Harold Xia will greet our senior disciple Dalton with great respect when summoned, let alone you!"

Giles indifferently informed Kimberly.

"And you, bitch! Come here!

Since you're Austin's woman, you've committed the evilest sin!"

Giles said coldly as he condescendingly stared at Stacy. Then, his gaze suddenly turned sharp.

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