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   Chapter 2141 Leaving The Land of Life-and-death (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6257

Updated: 2020-02-13 00:02

Austin had been meditating.

But one day later, he suddenly opened his eyes.

By that time, the monk had already led Brady to the hall.

"Sir, is it okay now?" asked Austin to the monk.

He was curious but filled with great joy as well.

"Yes," replied the monk.

His expression was so calm. He gave Austin a slight nod.

Through his spiritual sense, Austin immediately felt that Brady's aura had changed.

It was as if some kind of shackles had been broken and his body was reborn. He was now a new man.

"Sir, thank you for your kindness. I really don't know what to say," said Brady as he bowed before the monk.

His body was trembling in sheer delight and excitement. After being a guardian spirit and trapped with this Slave Tower for ages, never in his wildest dream that this day would come and he could cultivate and become stronger again.

The monk just nodded at him without saying anything. Brady indeed owed him a big one.

This monk was a master who lived in an era way ahead of Brady's days. The status of the monk in his time was actually much higher than Brady's. Brady was really a junior to him in everything by comparison.

"Brady, you now can continue to cultivate and make a breakthrough. That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you!" commented Austin.

"Yes, master. Thank you so much for letting this happen," replied Brady.

His voice was full of sincerity. He knew they couldn't have had things done without Austin's permission and trust.

"Oh never mind that! This is great! A great day for both of us, ha-ha!"

Austin was truly happy for him.

If Brady could continue to cultivate and make a breakthrough, he would definitely become stronger. Austin himself was crazy about cultivating, so he clearly knew how marvelous it was for a cultivator to become more and more powerful.

"Master, you can

ft, fighting power, and treasures from heaven and earth that he absorbs," continued the monk.

"Of course, the more grottoes a cultivator can develop, the higher his achievements will be in the future. According to the legend, if a cultivator can explore more than eighty-one grottoes inside his body, he may enter into an eternal state in the future."

Austin's eyes widened in awe as he listened intently to the monk.

Obviously, he was overwhelmed by the details he had learned from the monk. Never before had Austin heard about any of this!

"An eternal state? What... What does that mean?" he asked.

The monk nodded at him.

"Yes, an eternal state. What I mean to say is the level of immortals. You know what being immortal means, don't you?"

Austin was shocked.

"Immortal!" he exclaimed.

Who would have thought that he could also have the chance to become an immortal?

In the Divine Continent, to reach the highest point of martial arts and to become an immortal was every cultivator's ultimate goal.

It was believed that immortals could live infinitely like heaven and earth and they could completely control the world. They had the ultimate omnipotent skill that ordinary cultivators could hardly imagine.

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