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   Chapter 2139 Premium Stage Of Major-Perfection Realm (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6303

Updated: 2020-02-12 23:09

Two days had passed.

Austin had been sitting motionless in the secret cultivation chamber for the past two days.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, and two blazing rays of light shoot out like bolts of lightning. A powerful electrical discharge was felt in the air.

Something odd appeared in his eyes. Upon a closer look, one could see a radiant three-legged golden crow moving from one of his eye to the other. The image of the mysterious bird was blurry, but it seemed to be moving back and forth between his eyes.

Waves of blazing auras surrounded Austin's body at the moment. The heat was scorching as if the sun had gone down from the sky and enveloped him with a perpetual fire.

After the cultivation process, Austin absorbed all the energy from the bone of the three-legged golden crow. By this time, he had completely combined the energy into his own body. The energy that came from the bone of the three-legged golden crow had entered every inch of his flesh and blood.

Austin also absorbed the blood and energy essence of the three-legged golden crow. A faint trace of the pure essence from the sun melted and fused with his blood.

As a result of all the powerful elements he absorbed from the three-legged golden crow, the color of Austin's blood started to change. What was once scarlet red became a golden vital fluid that flowed through his veins. It might sound weird and terrifying, but actually it was the very proof of Austin becoming stronger now.

'That monk is right and I can totally feel it now. The energy passed from the three-legged golden crow contains the blood essence. It will help me a lot in my cultivation of the Golden Sun Scripture.

My vital energy quality seemed to have grown dramatically due to its effect.

I think now is the best time to make a breakthrough!'

Austin felt extremely powerful and confident after the

nd had it cultivated into one of his avatars.

That's fantastic! He has patience, the willpower, combined with great talent. An excellent cultivator."

The monk sensed everything even if he was in the palace and far away from where Austin was right now. He could not help but be impressed and nod with admiration when he thought of Austin's qualities as a martial arts cultivator.

Austin's Thunderstroke Doom lasted for about half an hour.

Before long, all the thunder and lightning disappeared, replaced by a glaring sunlight.

"Yes! I did it! The premium stage of Major-perfection Realm!" murmured Austin. It filled his eyes with joy and excitement.

Austin flexed his muscles to sense the vital energy force in his body.

The thunder unicorn had returned to Austin and stayed by his side.

"Well, I can sense that the thunder unicorn has become stronger. Its strength increased multiple times.

By now, it can fight ordinary warriors at the medium stage of Major-perfection Realm, and even those at the premium stage of Major-perfection Realm."

Austin told himself as he tried to determine the strength of the thunder unicorn. He then urged the thunder unicorn to go back to his elixir field through a silent order in his mind.

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