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   Chapter 2138 Fusion

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The monk waved his hand. A large pile of rare treasures and precious herbs appeared and floated inside the secret chamber.

Suddenly, the strong spiritual energy inside the chamber turned into a puff of fragrant mist. And slowly it was filling every inch of the room.

These treasures and herbs were collected by the monk in the daytime.

Given his horrifying strength, those treasures and herbs that were collected by him must have been the top-grade ones.

"Sit down with your legs crossed. Focus your mind and get rid of all of the distracting thoughts!"

the monk said to Austin solemnly.

Austin immediately followed the instructions. He seated himself and began to meditate.

"Let me tell you one thing. You may have to suffer a lot during the process of fusion.

After all, as a human being, you'll need to pay heavy prices to perfectly integrate the beast bones into your body."

The monk reminded Austin of the possible consequences he would have to suffer during the whole process.

"Yes, I have realized it!"

Austin replied respectfully and nodded.

"Okay then!"

The monk waved his hand. All kinds of rare treasures and precious herbs suddenly started to float around Austin's body.

He clenched his hand tightly and extracted the essence of those treasures and herbs.

Slowly the essence was moved across and forced into Austin's body by the monk.

While that happened, Austin released his spiritual sense. He was deeply impressed by the monk's method of extracting the essence from those herbs and treasures at such a speed.

Being a pill refiner, Austin knew the excellence in the method and speed used by the monk at that time.

The monk was just awesome in his powers and skills.

The essences were steadily and continuously flowing into Austin's body.

Austin started to feel a pain. It slowly increased and reached a point where he felt as if his body was being torn apart.

However, as a body refiner, Austin was not new to such trauma. He had suffered such kind of pain before.

Time passed by. Sometimes it was slow, sometimes it went quickly.

"Well, now I'll try to force the blood and energy essence of the three-legged golden crow into your body.

As soon as you're done absorbing the essence, you can integrate your body with the beast bones,"

the monk elaborated.

He gently waved his hand and a ball of dazzling golden light appeared in his hand.

It was the blood and energy essence of the three-legged golden crow which he was unleashing.

The monk clapped his hands slowly. The ball of essence turn

guess. Probably you met a talented master, lost to him in a battle and was refined into a magic weapon a long time ago. I think that explains why you're a guardian spirit right now.

Now being a guardian spirit of a weapon, you must have found it nearly impossible to enhance your strength anymore, right?"

the monk presented his assumption.

"Yes! That's right.

I was ignorant, villainous and had done many evil things in the past. One day, I was captured by a competent master, and held as a prisoner in a pagoda. Finally, I was refined into a guardian spirit.

Since then, however hard I've tried, my power has never increased."

There was a touch of undisguised disappointment in his tone as he recollected the past. It reminded him of a lot of things.

"Hmm! I understand.

Your race has already become very rare or even extinct. I remember being told that in the ancient times, you guys were mighty and powerful.

Besides being powerful, your race also made great contributions to the Immortal End World.

I think, you might be the only one left from your race, isn't it?

It's a pity that you can't cultivate and become stronger in the future.

Well, I think I know how you can become stronger, though you're nothing more than a guardian spirit.

However, for me to help you in that, you'll have to ask for Austin's permission because you belong to him.

Sorry, but I can't help you until he agrees,"

the monk slowly told Brady about his offer.

"Really? Is that possible? Are you telling me the truth?

Can I be a guardian spirit and continue to cultivate at the same time?"

Hearing the monk's words, Brady became extremely excited. His body started to tremble with excitement.

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