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   Chapter 2137 The State Of The Flame Emperor

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The hillside of the towering mountain was covered with herb fields that were filled with all kinds of herbs.

There were a lot of semi-omnipotent herbs in the fields, and some of them were even the intelligent ones.

Both Austin and Brady couldn't help but look at the semi-omnipotent herb, especially those intelligent ones that were scattered along their way.

"Don't even think about it. These herbs are all pure breed of feminine and negative power, so they are not suitable for you.

Aside from that, they absorbed countless essence of corpses, so they all contain the essence of corpse miasma.

Once you eat them, you will die immediately, and your soul will disappear forever,"

the monk reminded them and then glanced at Austin and Brady.

Both Austin and Brady smiled in embarrassment.

After a while, Austin and Brady reached the hillside while being led by the monk.

Then the monk waved his sleeve.


A grand palace suddenly appeared in front of him. It was obviously not built in this era based on its classic architecture.

Austin and Brady didn't see the palace the first time they went there because it was hidden by a brilliant array.

Then the monk led Austin and Brady into the palace.

The palace was wider inside than it looked outside, and it seemed to be a small world of its own.

"Well, both of you have to stay here for a while.

It will take me quite some time to integrate that beast bone of inheritance into your body.

Aside from that, I have to help you absorb the energy essence of the three-legged golden crow.

You are very weak now. You couldn't absorb the bone of inheritance from that three-legged golden crow without my help. Because once you made a mistake, you will be burned into ashes,"

the monk said.

"Thank you for your help.

Sir, can I stay here and help my friend rebuild his body first?

Then afterwards, we can deal with the inheritance of that beast bone.

My friend has been waiting for this moment for over a thousand years,"

Austin said.


over a thousand years..."

the monk pondered.

"Well, let me have a look at his spiritual soul first,"

the monk suddenly said to Austin.

Austin was surprised by the monk's reaction, and he immediately did what he was told. He communicated

u! You are our savior."

The Flame Emperor was surprised at himself when he flattered the monk

Then the monk just calmly waved his hand.

"Okay! I have to go out for a while. You three stay in my palace and rest for a few days.

I'll be back a day later.

There is something that I need to get, so I have to go now,"

the monk said.

Then he vanished in a flash.

Austin and Brady sat in a meditation position inside the palace.

During this period of time, the two of them had ventured into the Land of Life-and-death and encountered great dangers along the way. They also narrowly escaped death several times.

This would be the only time that they could rest peacefully.

The Flame Emperor returned to Austin's Soul Sea.

With his current situation, he couldn't live off at Austin's Soul Sea for too long because it would not be good for the recovery of his spiritual soul.

One day later, a human figure flashed in the palace.

It was the monk. He appeared in front of Austin.

"We now have all the treasures from heaven and earth that we need.

I can now integrate the beast bone of the inheritance of the three-legged golden crow with you,"

the monk said.

It took Austin a while to realize that the reason why the monk had gone out was to help him collect the treasures from heaven and earth. The monk needed those things to merge the three-legged golden crow's bone of inheritance.

Austin felt very grateful to the monk.

The monk rolled his sleeves and brought Austin to a cultivation room.

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