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   Chapter 2136 Acquiring The Reincarnate Lotus

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Updated: 2020-02-12 16:24

This appeared to be another intelligent corpse. It was very tall, with thick long hair dangling loose. It was in a thick corpse cloth with bare feet, and its trousers were covered only up to the knees.

It was an intelligent corpse with no living energy in it, but its eyes were so sharp that they came to block the way of the monk.

The monk stopped and stood there and faced that intelligent corpse.

"This Reincarnate Lotus belongs to me. It can't be taken away from me. Otherwise, you will die!"

the intelligent corpse spoke through the spiritual sense, which was clear as a crystal beam than the words of an ordinary person and echoed in this space.

Evidently, like this monk, this intelligent corpse could not speak with the mouth but instead with the powerful spiritual sense.

"You're now not making any sense.

After so many years, why do you continue to be this stubborn?

The Reincarnate Lotus is of no use to both of us.

We picked this path, and there is no turning around for both of us.

We have gathered all manner of resentment, gloom and bad luck between heaven and earth for so many years to keep our bodies in dead but eternal, and we became a whole different race completely.

Our spiritual souls won't be able to leave this body after we have changed.

Since our spiritual souls have been tarnished with too much darkness, bitterness, and bad luck, only our present bodies can keep our spiritual souls.

Haven't you comprehended this after several years?"

The monk's spiritual sense was slowly by slowly resounding in this world.

Both Austin and Brady were astounded and stunned by their discussion.

As it turned out that one's spiritual soul could not depart the current body any longer because of too much harmful energy.

"Cut the crap. I have been the one guarding this Reincarnate Lotus. It, therefore, belongs to me. No one can take it away from me,"

that tall intelligent corpse said callously with his sharp spiritual sense.

"Humph, I'm offering you a benevolent solution, but you don't listen to me. That's fine, then don't blame me for what's coming next!"

The monk sniffed furiously.


The monk then launched

te Lotus is the world's rare spiritual source, after all. We can't destroy it. We must leave something for the future,"

the monk told Austin.

"Yes, sir!"

Austin strolled over and stood in front of the Reincarnate Lotus.

"Great! Ha-ha, at last, we finally get the Reincarnate Lotus. And I can eventually get my physical body back!"

The Flame Emperor laughed loudly in Austin's Soul Sea.

His utmost wish over the recent years was to revamp his body ever since he had been injured by others and only his spiritual soul was left.

Now, the dream had come true. How could he not be thrilled!

"Cool down, Flame Emperor,"

Austin replied with a smile.

He then tenderly picked the white flower from the Reincarnate Lotus and put it into a jade bottle.


Austin heaved a long sigh of relief after he received the Reincarnate Lotus.

"Thank you, sir. I could not have obtained this Reincarnate Lotus without your help."

Austin turned and bowed to the monk solemnly, with sincerity in his voice.

"Well, how about we return first."

The monk nodded and expressed neither joy nor sorrow on his face.

Then, following the lead of the monk, they returned to the monk's territory.

They encountered several mysterious and powerful figures on the way back, but none of them was in danger because of that monk.

The three of them eventually returned to the gigantic mountain where the monk's green herbal fields were located.

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