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   Chapter 2135 The Reincarnate Lotus

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They looked up and saw a wide rock protruding from the platform on the cliff.

The platform was shrouded by thick clouds, making it almost invisible to the naked eyes.

However, if people looked close enough they could vaguely see a snow-white light rising up to the sky. It emitted a powerful life aura that could be sensed even from a distance.

"The Reincarnate Lotus is on that platform,"

the monk said to Austin.

There was a stone ladder creating a stone road that was once built along the surface of the cliff.

"We can't fly to the platform. Our only option is to climb on the wall using the stone ladder. Let's go!"

The monk started moving as he stepped gingerly on the stone ladder and climbed along the stone road.

Austin and Brady followed his example and climbed the stone ladder.

While walking on the stone road, Austin realized that there were some mysterious energy waves flowing around. It created some pressure that felt almost as deep as the sea.

"Damn it! The cliff seems to be bleeding!"

Austin suddenly discovered something and cursed under his breath.

"Something wants to provoke us. Be careful,"

the monk who was leading the way, said in a deep voice. He seemed upset and flames of fury were burning in his eyes.

He still looked grave and solemn.

As if right on cue, blood started gushing from all parts of the black cliff. It was flowing down along the surface of the cliff like a river. It was a heinous sight.

Moments later, a large stretch of the cliff was tainted and soaked by the blood.

Two hours later, the three of them had climbed and covered at least half of the distance while trudging along the zigzagging terrain up the cliff. However, a black mist like fog rose and covered the cliff. It swirled around them making everything look very dim.

"They're going to attack us. Damn it!"

A sense of foreboding overwhelmed Austin.


Suddenly, the monk who was walking ahead stopped.

They could make out the silhouette of several figures that appeared in the thick mist on the stone road in front of them.

The monk had already stopped, ready to confront those strange figures. Although he didn't make any move, he had a solemn expression on his face as if he was trying to warn them off.

Austin and Brady could vaguely tell through the thick fog that they were some people wearing ancient costumes. They looked as if they had come from the ancient times.

Upon further investigation, they all looked very old and lifeless. However, their aura was intimidating and depressin

once again.

A moment later, Austin saw what he had experienced in the East Mainland of the Divine Continent.

He saw what had happened to him at the Blue Dragon School of the Middle Pilgrim Land.

Austin was fully immersed in his past memories. He couldn't seem to tell the past from the present and was in danger of losing himself.

"Wake up! Kid!"

Suddenly, Austin heard the monk's shout right inside his ear. It felt like a bolt out of the blue struck his ear, which made Austin sober up in an instant.

"Don't stare at the Reincarnate Lotus. It will pull you into an endless loop of illusions and you may never recover,"

the monk shouted at Austin to bring him back to the reality.

"Wow, that was close, the illusions seemed so real!"

Austin was still a little scared at how close he came to losing his mind.

The monk moved his body and rushed towards the Reincarnate Lotus, preparing to pick it.

However, at that critical moment, another figure showed up.

"Damn it, what is it now?"

Austin exclaimed in surprise.

The figure appeared in front of the Reincarnate Lotus, blocking the monk's path. He was as tall and firm as a statue, and his eyes were very frightening, penetrating through the thick mist.

He had a pair of cyan eyes, without the white part of the eye and the pupils. His eyes looked like two green ghost lamps shining like hell, looking down upon Austin and his fellows.

Austin and Brady could not help but look at each other with bitter smiles. They had gone through all kinds of dangers on their way to find the lotus. However, they hadn't expected that they would be challenged right before savoring the success of finally getting the Reincarnate Lotus.

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