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   Chapter 2134 Intimidation

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The frightening sound of the flock of crows resounded from the dark ancient cave once more as the three-legged crow's cold eyes sparkled gold.

With every passing moment, the murderous will grew larger and larger until it had completely shrouded the air around him.


Then, in an instant, the monk was suddenly in front of the cave inhabited by the three-legged golden crow.


The three-legged golden crow also started fighting back at that moment. Without wasting even a second, it waved an old golden stick and swept it forward, and the inexhaustible heat of the sun became tens of thousands times hotter than it was before. Now, everything in its path was immediately burnt to ashes.

The monk shouted coldly as he stretched out a big hand to grab something, and without warning, the old golden stick suddenly snapped in half.

The birds sang sharply and sadly as a golden sun shot out hundreds of millions of divine radiance into the cave -- each of which akin to a golden needle. The sight was so blinding that neither Austin nor Brady could open their eyes.

It was an attack so devastating that it had the power to kill every single living thing in that area. More than that, its immense power was enough to sweep the entire area within a hundred-meter radius from the monk.


The monk rolled up his sleeves and took in all of the radiance. Then, he took a step forward and rushed straight into the dark ancient cave.

In an instant, the torrent of black energy transformed into a river of corpse miasma and rushed directly into the cave.

The whole cave started to shake violently.

The crows' shrill cries resounded in the air and the golden light blazed on even more. But it was not enough to stop the monk who continued to stride into the cave effortlessly.

Then, the fiercest battle broke out inside the cave.

The monk roared and the three-legged golden crow honked continuously.


Deafening sounds rang out as the black mountain trembled violently. Then, the mountain where the old cave was collapsed as the fierce fight raged on. In addition to that, huge rocks started flying out of the cave.

Smoke and dust filled the air, and the fire of the sun raged on in the sky. Then, when everything finally returned to peace, only about seven or eight feathers fell down.

Every single feather was just as dazzling as the sun, albeit stained with wisps of golden blood. The terrible energy fluctuations they gave off made people unwilling to approach them.

"It seems like the monk has won!"

At that moment, Austin was overjoyed.

The energy that erupted from the battle in the cave just a moment ago was so formidable that Austin and Brady co

with a whooshing sound, he disappeared from where he was standing, and went straight into the cave from which human skulls were constantly spurting out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The next moment, the ancient cave began to shake violently.

Then the shocking energy fluctuation turned into a horrible tornado that was blowing out from it continuously.


A sound similar to the howling of a ferocious ghost resounded in the air as the entirety of the black mountain shook violently.


The black cave was hit and a large part of it sunk, forming a deep, dark hole. Below it, the white bones were so large in number that they almost looked like a pale and frightening endless sea.

"Aaaaargh !"

A shrill voice suddenly came from the deep hole.

Then, an abundance of black blood spurted out, filling the whole space. Apparently, an unnamed being had just been injured. But it seemed to have been able to escape from the deep hole and disappear into the void.


The monk jumped up from the dark cave and flew into the air. He looked nothing short of a god as he hit the unknown creature hard. Unfortunately, it didn't die at once.

"Let me see who else will dare to come out and stop me!"

the monk said coldly, raising his voice intentionally and causing the entire mountain to tremble.

Then, he led Austin and Brady up the mountain again.

Half a day later, they finally arrived in front of a huge cliff that towered over the clouds.

The huge cliff was like a sharp sword stabbing into the depths of the clouds. It was dark red, as if it had been soaked by blood. In fact, one could even smell a hint of blood coming from it.

"The Reincarnate Lotus is right on the peak of this cliff,"

the monk said.

Hearing the monk's words, both Austin and Brady felt excited.

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