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   Chapter 2133 A Present For You

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The entire mountain was in an uproar as human-faced crows flew out of it and rushed towards them. More than that, the heat was so intense that even the stones turned molten.

"Damn it! There are millions of crows here!"

At that moment, millions of human-faced crows had enveloped the sky with a force so powerful it could destroy heaven and earth. Their sheer number was enough to make everyone who could see it feel overwhelmed.

In addition to that, the human-faced crows also emitted terribly powerful energy waves. They were, in no way, ordinary animals, and with the terrible sea of raging fire around them, they were, in every way, capable of becoming extremely horrible and destructive.


The monk stood still -- a terrifying aura emanating from him. His golden robe fluttered in the air, making him look like an immortal God or a demon straight from hell.

At the same time, the stinking corpse miasma filled the sky and formed a circular defense shield, covering everything within a radius of hundreds of meters and protecting the monk from any harm.

Neither the raging inferno nor the human-faced crows could get near the monk. In fact, the moment they went within the vicinity of the shield, they were immediately reduced to ashes.

Austin was utterly in shock. There was no way he and Brady would have been able to resist the attack of millions of crows on their own. He was absolutely sure that if they encountered the crows, they would be dead. Without the help of this monk, they surely would have died already.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

Millions of human-faced crows were cawing non-stop in an ear-splitting and frightening way.

All of a sudden, Austin and Brady found something.

As flames flared inside that cave, a pair of cold, ruthless eyes sparkled within it, staring closely at Austin and his fellows.

There was a very horrible aura there -- similar to that of a dragon preying on a herd of vulnerable sheep. It was so powerful and terrifying that even Austin's strong heart could not help but shiver.

The golden eyes were teeming with killing intent. It was immediately apparent that this was a being with incomparable power and it was itching to charge at Austin and his companions.

"Oh my God! There seems to be a most terrible being hiding inside that cave that has the power to drive millions of crows to attack. What is it and just how powerful is it?"

Both Austin and Brady were taken aback.

The being looked like a crow wrapped in golden flames!

Austin stared at the cave intently. After a while, he seemed to have recognized the owner of the golden eyes.

The golden crow was much bigger than ordinary crows.

By Austin's estimate, the golden crow was probably about three or four meters high.

"Could it possibly be the legendary three-legged go

sound was heard. It resounded in the air.

Just like that, the void space shattered, and millions of black divine feathers shot out towards Austin and his companions. The terrifying consequences of this sent chills to their hearts.


"All right.

Fucker, I was going to let you go because I knew you had been living and cultivating so hard for so many years.

But you were ungrateful and have now became so reckless. With that being the case, I'll finish you off right here and now.

You being alive could prove to be a disaster for some innocent people. So you might as well die and disappear completely."

The monk was so angry that he roared, and the sound traveled as far as the heavens. He was now going to fight hard without holding anything back.

With a wave of his hands, numerous ripples of black energy emerged out of nowhere. He moved his two hands forward, and the ripples of energy immediately flew into the sky.

At once, the human-faced crows gave out sad and painful cries as their divine feathers were broken into tiny pieces and rendered useless.

Then, the monk moved his body and flew up into the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The river of corpse miasma was utterly unstoppable as it flowed freely all over the place.

Wherever it went, those human-faced crows were turned to nothing.

After a little while, more than half of them were gone.

Those who survived flapped their wings and fled as fast as they could.


Brat, since you respected me as your senior master, today, I will give you a present!

I'm sure there is some golden sun essence in the beast's body. I'll take it for you. I'm sure it will help your cultivation of the Golden Sun Scripture enormously,"

the monk said to Austin with a laugh.

Then his body moved quickly and he dashed up to the cave, with his golden robe swaying in the wind.

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