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   Chapter 2132 The Dangerous Mountain

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Not long after, a black mountain appeared in front of them. It flowed with the aura of the ancient nether world, majestic and towering, injecting anxiety to people due to its domineering and robust presence.

"The Reincarnate Lotus is right in this mountain,"

the monk, who stood still in front of the mountain, informed Austin.

"But I can feel that there are many powerful creatures in this mountain.

It will certainly not be easy to get it."

The monk's gaze was fixed on the mountain, looking very stern and serious.

Both Austin and Brady were shocked upon hearing that.

The monk's strength was unfathomable. Yet, even a man of his caliber would have said like that. Judging from how cautious he was, it was not hard to imagine how many horrible creatures lurking in this mountain.

"I don't care what kind of place it is. Now that we're here, let's get inside and try our luck," the monk continued.

Then, he took the lead and strode up to the mountain.

Without hesitation, Austin and Brady hurried to keep up with him.

The three walked along a winding trail, ascending atop the mountain with increasing speed.

Along the way, they all felt a weird aura.

There seemed to be many terrifying creatures lurking in the shadows and spying on them.


Not long after the three climbed the mountain, they all felt that a wave of strong power dropping from heaven was pressing against them.

For a moment, Austin's and Brady's movements were restricted as if they were temporarily paralyzed.

It felt like a very massive weight was placed on them as they took every step.


With a loud snort, the monk waved his sleeve and drew the two to his side.

The terrible pressure exerted on the two disappeared immediately, leaving no trace behind. After a while of composing themselves, they continued climbing.

Many black rocks along their path were visibly stained with age signs. Occasionally, one or two spiritual herbs, quite of old age too, were spotted growing between the crevices of those rocks.

However, Austin and Brady were not in the mood to appreciate those high-grade superior herbs. They dared not pick them at will eve

pped from the sky and covered the space around them.

Austin suddenly felt his body temperature drastically rose as if he had jumped into a burning furnace, almost burning him to ashes.

He hurriedly released his vital energy force to resist the horrifying high temperature.

He cultivated the Golden Sun Scripture. Thus, the light golden vital energy he released was very effective to resist the scorching heat.

The mysterious heat was coming from a cave ahead of them. Blazing flames, too difficult for a human to bear, intensely gushed out of it.

'What the hell is inside that cave? Why is it releasing such terrifying heat waves?'

Austin could not help but feel frightened as he speculated in his mind.

Caw! Caw...

Suddenly, harsh screams were heard, and countless black crows flew out of the cave.

Surprisingly, every black crow had a ghastly pale human face.

"What kind of crows are they?"

Austin blurted out, his face changing drastically as he stared at those eerie crows.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

Black human-faced crows surrounded with glowing black light and ablaze with fire rushed out of the cave one after another.

In just a few seconds, they filled the sky above, creating a sea of fire that burned in the distance.

"Oh my god! That's a lot of crows!"

Both Austin and Brady were petrified as they gazed at those birds.

Without any warning, suddenly those crows all swooped at the trio at a frightening speed.

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