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   Chapter 2131 A Dangerous Journey

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8492

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Within moments, the monk had already killed a few hundreds corpse king birds.

When the rest of the corpse king birds saw what happened, they were all terrified. They flew away in an instant.

The place became quiet again.

"Let's go," said the monk to Austin and Brady.

The two immediately followed.

When they were about to go, a series of creepy laughter resounded the whole space all of a sudden. It was coming from the mountain nearby.

The laughter sounded very challenging.

"Get out!" shouted the monk.

He was wearing a stern face as he looked at the direction of the mountain.

Suddenly, he turned into a black wind and pounced on that mountain without any warnings. He didn't even say anything to Austin and Brady.

The two men were shocked by the scene that unfolded before their eyes.

Then they saw a humanoid creature with long black hair spreading all over its body on the top of the mountain. It flashed and vanished in an instant.

A few moments later, the monk came back to where Austin and Brady were.

"What happened, sir?" asked Austin to the monk.

His voice was full of respect.

"Someone is hiding in the dark. He used the corpse king birds to attack us," replied the monk.

"I tried to catch him but unfortunately, he was able to escape," he added.

He then urged Austin and Brady to keep going.

Austin was in great shock upon hearing what the monk had said.

'Someone controlled the corpse king birds to attack us? The corpse king birds are as powerful as cultivators at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. I didn't know that there is someone more powerful than them. Since he was able to control the corpse king birds, he must really be strong, ' thought Austin inwardly.

He was deeply absorbed in his thoughts.

He was trying to imagine that creature who was able to control the powerful corpse king birds. He couldn't imagine how powerful he would be.

"I think exploring this place is a huge mistake. This seems to be a suicidal task," said Austin to Brady.

He communicated with Brady through his spiritual sense.

"I think so too."

Brady nodded in agreement.

The two of them were walking behind the monk. As they looked at him, his golden robe was fluttering against the wind and his long sleeves were floating in the air. He looked like he was just having a sightseeing leisurely. However, his speed was astonishingly fast.

Based on their observation, the monk seemed to be performing some enchantments. Austin and Brady were mesmeri

lso brave. So instead of stepping back, he rushed above the lake.

In an instant, the monk had already started to fight with the three intelligent corpses.

A dozen rounds of fierce battle took place.

Afterwards, the monk pointed at the corpses again. Three streaks of blue light instantly appeared and froze the three intelligent corpses.

After making sure that the four intelligent corpses were all immobilized, he stared at the depths of the lake and recited some chant.

A tremendous power followed and calmed down the lake. The black iron carriage shook several times and eventually froze in the water.

Austin and Brady were terrified by the scene. Now they had fully realized that the Land of Life-and-death was full of dangerous creatures.

They were just fortunate enough to have run into the monk and he agreed to help them find the Reincarnate Lotus. If it hadn't been for the monk, the two of them would have already been dead.

A blood-curdling sneer was heard from the inside of the iron carriage.

Then it slowly sank into the water.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A burst of black fog rushed up from the bottom of the lake and surrounded the four frozen intelligent corpses. They then disappeared with the black fog.

"Let's go. We are close to where the Reincarnate Lotus is," said the monk.

He stared at the lake for a little while before he led Austin and Brady to move forward.

Upon hearing the monk, Austin and Brady immediately pulled themselves together.

Then they quietly followed the monk to where the Reincarnate Lotus was.

'We are finally getting closer to the Reincarnate Lotus, ' thought Austin and Brady in excitement.

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