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   Chapter 2130 Let Me Help You

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"Sir, I'm here for only one reason. The Land of Life-and-death holds the Reincarnate Lotus and I need to find it to help my friend rebuild his body,"

Austin answered.

"Oh, I see. That is not what I was expecting,"

the monk replied, holding his hand to his chin in deep thought. After a while, he added, "You're correct. The Land of Life-and-death does have the Reincarnate Lotus that can be used to rebuild a warrior's body.

But it's quite impossible for you to get it with your current cultivation base.

I think you should head back home.

Otherwise, you may be killed here."

Austin hesitated. He needed the lotus and wasn't expecting to hear that it would be impossible.

"See, brat? I agree with the old monk. You'd better leave now.

Let's wait until you become a top great master or even a master in the Immortal Transforming Realm before we try again,"

the Flame Emperor inside Austin's Soul Sea sighed.

"I've heard of cultivators at the Immortal Transforming Realm dying in this Land of Life-and-death and they were much more advanced than you are,"

the monk continued.

Austin, the Flame Emperor, and Brady were all stunned into silence by the monk's words.

'Even a cultivator at the Immortal Transforming Realm may die in the Land of Life-and-death? That means it will be impossible for Austin to obtain the Reincarnate Lotus at all, '

the Flame Emperor thought and he became even more desperate.

"Well, it looks like I will have no choice but to wait longer.

Possibly, tens of thousands of years. Brat, you can only help me find the Reincarnate Lotus when you become a great master above the Immortal Transforming Realm,"

the Flame Emperor said in anguish.

"Sir, I understand what you are saying, but can you tell me the specific location of the Reincarnate Lotus?

I want to have a try,"

Austin said to the monk, puffing out his chest.


Aren't you afraid of death?"

the monk asked, appalled.

"Yes, I am.

But I had promised my friend that I would help him enter the Land of Life-and-death to find the Reincarnate Lotus to rebuild his body.

I don't want to break my promise and disappoint my friend,"

Austin answered honestly. He looked straight into the eye

heir journey and looked around for the source of the creepy laughter.

They could feel the hair on the back of their necks standing up.

Hoot, hoot, hoot...

All of a sudden, a dark wind blew violently and black figures rushed towards Austin and his companions from all directions.

"They're the corpse king birds!"

Both Austin and Brady exclaimed in surprise.

They stood and prepared for the impact.

As they got closer, it could be seen that these birds were all dark and their faces resembled human beings'. The gloomy dark energy the birds were emanating made the temperature of the area drop more than a dozen degrees in a second.

Austin and Brady had met one of these birds before, so they could recognize it at a glance.

"Be careful. Stay still,"

the monk in front of them said.

Then, a loud bang rang out as he launched an attack against the birds.

His golden robe was fluttering in the air, and his sleeves were sweeping up the whole world, blowing away the endless trees and rocks.

Caw! Caw! Caw...

The birds screamed in agony and tried to leave but the monk's attack shattered them to pieces.

Shocked, Austin and Brady couldn't believe what they had witnessed.

The power of one corpse king bird was equivalent to that of a human cultivator at the Heavenly Grotto Realm.

Yet, the monk killed several of them in only moments all by himself.

'My senior master's strength is just too formidable!'

Austin thought with obvious shock on his face.

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