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   Chapter 2129 That Man's Successor

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You own a remarkable magic treasure!

Not bad."

The monk's silver eyes gave a cold look, and a spiritual message was transmitted into Austin and Brady's Soul Sea.

As the black fog enveloped the surroundings, the tall and thin body of the monk stood in the black corpse miasma silently -- a cold and horrifying picture to behold. The corpse miasma rose up, like a devil from hell.

"Master, this monk is too harrowing for us to defeat. We are going to hide in the Slave Tower."

Keeping his attention sharp at the monk, Brady didn't notice his face had already turned pale.

"How about passing through the chaotic void?"

Austin proposed.

"No way.

Hiding in the chaotic void is practically impossible in this case. This man is a strong cultivator!"

Brady answered as he dismissed Austin's suggestion.


Once again, the monk stretched out his hand.

There were all sorts of terrible law power in that big hand which made the corpse miasma formidable.

The big hand alone seemed to be enough to control and destroy everything.

Using their minds, Austin and Brady communicated with the Slave Tower simultaneously.

As soon as they did, the mighty transmission power from the Slave Tower immediately wrapped them.

"Hey, the two of you there, it's useless to keep playing these little tricks in front of me.

You are still too naive."

To their surprise, the monk smiled contemptuously.

After a while, Austin and Brady received a tremendous suppressing power as it dropped from the sky and fell on them.

What happened later made both Austin and Brady rather astounded.

The teleportation power released by the Slave Tower was suppressed directly.

They couldn't be transmitted into the Slave Tower at all.

Reaching directly to them, the hand with corpse miasma held out to Austin and Brady.

A strong pressure that could not be resisted restrained the two tightly.

As they actively engaged all kinds of unique skills they could muster, Austin and Brady spared no efforts.

Austin still couldn't get rid of it even if he released his demonic avatar directly.

The sense of death overwhelmed them.

It seems that you are indeed that guy's disciple.

Besides, I did feel the energy of Golden Sun Scripture from you.

In that case, I will not kill you."

Sending his message to Austin with his spiritual sense, the monk suddenly withdrew his big hand.

Suddenly, his face was no longer contorted into something murderous, but he now looked friendly.

Surprised and pleased, Austin appreciated this sudden change.

'Did this monk have a friendship with the former owner of the Fire Stela?'

Austin considered.

"Yes, When I was alive, the Lord of Flaming Sun and I used to be friends.

Well, it has been a very long time ago."

The monk's eyes became wistful as he seemed to reminisce their past friendship.

He raised his head and stared into the distance.

"My friend has always been together with the Divine Fire Stela. Since it is on you, I guess that he has already died.

Alas, in fact, I also suffered the same fate. This kind of state is no different from the situation of being dead."

The monk sighed.

As they looked at each other, Austin and Brady couldn't find the right words to say.

They didn't know how to respond.

"Tell me now. What did you two do in the Land of Life-and-death?

You can't be naive enough to enter here for trial.

With the level of strength that you have, entering the Land of Life-and-death will surely get you killed,"

the monk commented as he turned to Austin and Brady.

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