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   Chapter 2128 The Death Race

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"He is a bald man. His body is shriveled but there doesn't seem to be any signs of decay!"

Austin pointed out as he looked closely.

"Yes. He looks like a monk in his golden robe. Is he really a Buddhist monk?"

asked Brady, inspecting the body with great interest.

"This monk has been dead for at least tens of thousands of years, or even longer. Yet his flesh still hasn't decomposed. He must have been very powerful during his time!

Perhaps he was the great master at that time when he was still alive!"

Brady concluded after he observed the body.

"Even such a powerful person died here. This is really a dangerous place!"

Austin couldn't help but feel disturbed.

"Considering that he seemed to have been alone, I doubt he was poisoned to death. There must be a truly terrifying presence on this mountain!"

Master, I think we should give up the intelligent semi-omnipotent herbs on the mountain. It's simply too dangerous.

I'm not sure if we have the capabilities to obtain them,"

Brady cautioned Austin with a serious look. He asked his master to give up his intention of collecting such herbs. It wasn't worth the risk.

"All right." Austin nodded. "Look at those skeletons. Since ancient times, there have been countless masters and cultivators who attempted to get these semi-omnipotent herbs but they were all unsuccessful.

Let's get out of here.

I get the feeling that something bad is coming."

Austin felt a chill on his back.

"Let's hurry. We can't stay here any longer!"

Brady nodded and prepared to leave.

However, at this moment, black fog suddenly surged up in front of them and then a figure with a strong sense of death appeared from the fog.

A tall man blocked their way.

The man looked like he had been dead for ages. In fact, he looked exactly like the monk that they had been observing in the herb field on the hillside just moments ago.

However, he was no longer engulfed by the golden light from his robe. Instead, an overwhelming dark aura of death surrounded the air.

The endless sense of death came out from the rotten flesh and cracked skin, covering the sky and sun like a curtain.

The monk towered them both with his height.

"Damn it! He seems to have his eyes on us!"

Brady's face was outlined w

er in terror.


At this moment, the monk made a move. From his withered body, he suddenly released a powerful energy. The heaven and earth collapsed. His power was indeed too strong. It was beyond what anyone could ever imagine.

Austin and Brady turned pale as they saw what was coming. They moved back quickly to avoid the energy. They didn't want to fight against him.


The monk stretched out his rotten big hand to try and grab them. Wherever it passed, space collapsed on a small scale, and countless dark space cracks appeared.

The big hand launched at them at an alarming speed.

"Master, give me your Pot of Chaos!"

Brady shouted.

Austin quickly waved his hand and the Pot of Chaos flew out and landed on Brady's hand.

With the Pot of Chaos in his hand, Brady charged forward.


The Pot of Chaos instantly enlarged into a huge tripod, and collided with the rotten hand.

Hit by the great force, Brady was forced to step back for a thousand meters before he could balance himself.

"Wow, he is really strong!"

Austin couldn't help announcing.

Before entering the Land of Life-and-death, Brady had fought alone against more than a dozen masters at the Heavenly Grotto Realm. He easily overpowered those masters.

Now he lost to the monk only by one simple move.

If it hadn't been for the Pot of Chaos, Brady might have been gravely injured by that one move.

At that point, Austin finally realized that the monk in front of them was indeed a terrifying being.

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