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   Chapter 2127 The Herb Field

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Bang! Bang! Bang

It was daytime, the heart did not stop its attack even for a second.

The whole altar was shaking continuously because of the powerful attack.

Fortunately, the altar didn't suffer any substantial damage because it was covered extensively by the protection arrays.

When the demonic avatar completed its mediation on the contents of the nine stone pillars, Austin suddenly thought of something.

He wondered if the Diabolic Killing Needle could absorb the heart's overflowing evil energy. If it could, it would definitely become more powerful.

However, the demonic avatar suffered great resistance the moment it got closer to the heart.

Austin realized that the demonic avatar relied on the Diabolic Killing Needle to withstand the oppressing force. So even though the demonic avatar couldn't be harmed by the heart, it was still impossible for it to absorb the evil energy with the Diabolic Killing Needle.

The heart was too powerful.

As the demonic avatar got closer to the heart, it was harder for it to move forward.

Austin finally decided to give up and left with Brady.

Then the two of them searched the whole area but found nothing.

Even the demonic monkeys were nowhere to be found. They probably went to a secluded place to hide.

The two of them left the small world in the hall, and returned to the real world outside.

Austin and Brady continued their search on the other buildings nearby.

But they found nothing useful on those empty palaces.

About half a day later, Austin and Brady left the mountain.

"Brat! This is not the core area of the Land of Life-and-death,"

the Flame Emperor said to Austin.

"You are right! We need to move in further."

Austin nodded.

Then Austin and Brady continued their journey towards the core area of the Land of Life-and-death.

They encountered all kinds of dangers along the way.

Fortunately, they were able to get out of danger with their strength and various tricks.

"They are superior herbs!

A lot of semi-omnipotent herbs!"

While they were on their way, Aust

tin and quickly dragged him back.

Then Austin suddenly felt a headache, and his blood seemed to be burning.

"Poison! The field not only has precious superior herbs and semi-omnipotent herbs, but also deadly poisons that killed these peerless masters!"

Brady said in a deep voice.

Austin's face turned pale. He almost fell on the ground as he felt weak all over. His body was about to crack, and his bones seemed to be broken.

'Damn it! I still have some Magic Sea Water with me. Let's see if it can detoxify me, '

Austin thought.

He immediately took out a small jade bottle and poured some Magic Sea Water into his mouth.

Austin was surprised when the symptoms of poison were quickly alleviated the moment he drank the Magic Sea Water.

"Brady, take this and have some as well."

Austin handed the Magic Sea Water to Brady.

Brady also recovered quickly after he swallowed the Magic Sea Water.

Austin didn't want to give up. He stood at the foot of the mountain and looked at the herb fields in the middle of it. The fields were full of various herbs, but he didn't know which one of them was highly toxic.

"There is a dead body in the herb field!"

While Austin was scanning the field, he suddenly found a dead body that was sitting cross-legged. His dry skin glowed with the golden light that made his body looked as if it was wrapped in a layer of golden clothes.

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